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Singapore River Cruise: An Idyllic Way to See Singapores Waterfront Sights

Singapore River Cruise: An Idyllic Way to See Singapores Waterfront Sights

If you are looking for a unique way to see Singapore, consider taking a river cruise. When visiting Singapore, there are various reasons to include a Singapore trip on your itinerary. For one thing, it’s a terrific opportunity to observe Singapore and its various attractions from a wider viewpoint. This is an spanking-new nomination for individuals looking to stave the city’s packed streets. There are many variegated cruises to segregate from, so you can pick one that fits your schedule and budget. As you travel virtually the harbour, you can moreover take wholesomeness of the ship’s comforts and services. Furthermore, many cruises include stops at major destinations like Sentosa Island and the Marina Bay Sands. A trip is an spanking-new vacation option and here’s all you need to know surpassing you go on this Singapore River voyage.

Introduction to Singapore River Cruise

Singapore River Cruise

Singapore is surrounded by water, but right through the southern municipality hub, a magnificent river meanders from Kim Seng Bridge and joins with Marina Bay. A ride lanugo this inlet is a fantastic opportunity to see Singapore’s prominent sites and landmarks considering it passes wideness key highlights withal the waterfront of the city. Workbench a bumboat, a traditional wooden water wend that was once used to siphon passengers and transport goods in Singapore. On this fascinating boat, you can now embark and enjoy a thrilling 40-minute ride withal the coastline of Singapore city.

What’s included in Singapore River Cruise?

Singapore River Cruise

A Singapore River Trip route offers scenic views of Singapore’s cityscape, filled with modern architectural marvels and historic sites from Singapore’s past. From the Clarke Quay Jetty, you can workbench a vintage bumboat and sail wideness the shorelines of Clarke Quay, Esplanade, Marina Bay, and Wend Bay. The tranquil journey allows you to gaze at impressive landmarks such as:

The Marina Bay Sands Singapore – The distinctive three-towered resort linked by a massive sky terrace towers at Marina Bay and radiates with stunning architectural style.

The Merlion – The symbol of Singapore, the half-lion, half-fish statue spouting water from its mouth is a sight you wouldn’t want to miss capturing in your camera. The Merlion statue is located in Merlion Park, a Singapore witchery popular among locals and tourists alike.

The Raffles Landing Site – The first location in Singapore where Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles set foot on Singaporean territory, marking a major event in Singapore’s history.

Singapore Flyer – Singapore flyer is one of the world’s most renowned observation wheels and the largest in Asia, provides unparalleled views over Singapore municipality from multiple vantage points.

The Esplanade – Magnificent work of tracery to view at the Singapore waterfront, The Esplanade is a oversized theatre ornate in tiny metallic spikes mimicking the much-debated fruit – the Durian. The theatre is well-known for holding performances and concerts by internationally renowned and outstanding artists.

Along the way, you will pass under a couple of Singapore’s unique bridges, and you will discover how the country evolved from unobtrusive beginnings to a fantastic modern destination. The ride includes an audio commentary that provides fascinating insights into the warmed-over legacy and modern marvels of Singapore that you will see on this journey. One of the weightier ways to see the witchery and the municipality glowing with illumination is on an evening trip experience.

Timings and Ticket pricing


The Singapore River trip time slots are from 1 pm to 10 pm on Mondays through Thursdays, and from 10 am to 10 pm on Fridays through Sundays and public holidays. Each ride lasts roughly 40 minutes and departs every hour without the first wend of the day until 9 p.m.

Singapore River trip ticket price is SGD 25 per sultana per ride and children pay SGD 15 per ride. You can purchase the ticket at Clarke Quay Jetty Ticket Counter located tropical to the Sling shot ride. It is just a couple of minutes’ walk from Clarke Quay River Valley Road and 5 minutes yonder from Clarke Quay MRT Station.

Guidelines for travellers

Singapore river cruise

  • It is preferable to visit in the evenings and at night to reservation a stunning sunset on your sail.
  • The wits is significantly increasingly enjoyable when it is not hampered by rain or strong gust of winds. As a result, take the tour during the shoulder or peak season for Singapore travel season.
  • Travel light, bring your identification, and victorious early for your journey. If you miss a slot, the next ride will uncork one hour later.
  • For families with children, it is a fantastic wits that is moreover very comfortable. The bumboats, however, are not wheelchair friendly and are therefore not suggested for customers with special requirements.
  • Because the Singapore River Trip is a comprehensive tour, your ticket is only valid for one ride that covers the whole loop from Clarke Quay Ferry Jetty. You must workbench at Clarke Quay Jetty and return to the same wend terminal at the end of your tour. Unlike water taxis or hop-on/hop-off tours, you cannot get off at any other jetties promptly. If you do, your tour has terminated and you will not be worldly-wise to re-board for the remainder of the tour. However, if you finger that you have viewed all of the sights on the voyage in one direction and do not wish to well-constructed the loop, you are self-ruling to disembark at any time on any jetty and protract exploring the destination on foot.

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