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Top Womens Clinics, Gynaecologists & OBGYNs in Singapore

Top Womens Clinics, Gynaecologists & OBGYNs in Singapore

Looking for a gynaecologist for your pregnancy and delivery? Trammels out these OBGYNs in Singapore for all your women’s health needs!

Pregnancy is meant to be a joyous time for couples and families, but it moreover brings well-nigh tremendous change, and you’ll want all the peace of mind possible so you can have a relaxed and smooth pregnancy. That’s why it’s so important to find an OBGYN in Singapore that you really trust and are well-appointed with. With our world-class healthcare system, you’re likely to find some of the weightier Obstetrics & Gynaecology (OBGYN) superintendency in the world. Overwhelmed by the choices out there? Consult our list of recommended women’s clinics, gynaecologists and OBGYNs!

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What to Know Surpassing Choosing Your OBGYN
Recommended Gynaes & OBGYNs in Singapore

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What to Know Surpassing Choosing an OBGYN in Singapore

  • Which hospitals they are admitted to unhook at: Think well-nigh which ones are user-friendly to where you live. While most of the gynaes on our list unelevated can unhook at multiple hospitals, they might not make it to you in time for your lineage if you unhook somewhere other than near their main clinic.
  • Costs: Consider which doctors work with your insurance. Many doctors offer full antenatal packages that imbricate checkups, scans, and plane delivery, but it may work out cheaper to pay on an a la carte basis.
  • Your nomination of gynae: Do you prefer a sexuality gynae or are you not fussed? Interestingly, most of the gynaecologists in Singapore considered most “pro-natural birth” are men! And yet scrutinizingly everyone on Team Sassy Mama had a sexuality gynae (some of our testimonials are below).
  • Wait times. Be sure to ask virtually well-nigh wait times. Doctors at public hospitals (like NUH and KKH) tend to have much longer ones (we’re talking hours). In our experience, it’s unchangingly weightier to try to typesetting the first visit of the day if you can. The nature of OBGYNs, of course, is that they can get tabbed yonder to unhook a victual at any time, which then throws their visit schedules into chaos.
  • Support staff: Who is on your doctor’s support staff? Several gynaes on this list work with midwives who provide an uneaten layer of superintendency and sustentation to patients and can be invaluable both during labour and in the postnatal stage.
  • Backup partners: If your OBGYN is yonder when you requite birth, make sure you’re just as well-appointed with their alternate.

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Gynaecologists & OBGYNs in Singapore

It is ok to shop virtually and find the doctor who you finger is the weightier fit for you. Our list of gynaecologists in Singapore is far from complete, but it’s a unconfined place to start if you want an outstanding doctor for your pregnancy and delivery. Don’t forget to trammels out our list of questions to ask your OBGYN, and moreover take the time to educate yourself and have a think well-nigh what matters to you concerning interventions, birth plans, costs and more.

Dr. Adrian Woodworth

OBGYN singapore - Dr Adrian WoodworthClosest hospital: Thomson Medical Centre
One of the most noteworthy OBGYNs in Singapore, Dr. Adrian Woodworth has increasingly than two decades of wits in obstetrics and gynaecology. He prioritises holistic superintendency and has a reputation on mama forums for stuff friendly and remembering every patient’s name. And while he will patiently wordplay all of your questions, many mums-to-be report him as stuff to the point and keeping things unenduring during appointments. In wing to taking appointments at Thomson Medical Centre, he moreover sees patients at selected Thomson Women’s Clinic outlets.

Dr. Adrian Woodworth, 339 Thomson Road #03-01, Thomson Medical Centre, Singapore 307677, Tel: ( 65) 65 6250 2222, www.thomsonmedical.com/doctor/dr-adrian-woodworth

Dr. Anne Hagarty

Closest hospital: Mount Elizabeth Orchard
One of the few Western sexuality gynaecologists in Singapore, Dr. Hagarty trained in Canada and the UK and has increasingly than four decades of wits in obstetrics & gynaecology. She specialises in infertility treatment and gynaecological surgery and is moreover a trusted pregnancy doctor. Her clinic is conveniently located at Paragon right on Orchard.

Dr. Anne Hagarty, Women’s Health Professionals Pte Ltd, 290 Orchard Road, #09-01/02 Paragon Medical Centre, Singapore 238859, Tel: ( 65) 6736 0951, www.mountelizabeth.com.sg

Professor Arijit Biswas

Gynaecologists in Singapore - Dr. Arijit BiswasClosest hospital: NUH
Professor Arijit Biswas has a reputation as a leading specialist for high-risk pregnancies, expressly relating to twins. He is throne of the Maternal-Fetal Medicine semester at NUH and is moreover the Clinical Director of the department. If you scroll through mama forums, you’ll find plenty of reviews that say he prioritises your peace of mind during pregnancy and isn’t pushy.

Professor Arijit Biswas, NUH Medical Centre, Level 3 (Kent Ridge Wing), 5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119074, appointment@nuhs.edu.sg, Tel: ( 65) 6772 2002, www.nuh.com.sg/nuhgynae

Dr. TC Chang

gynaecologists in Singapore - Dr. TC ChangClinic: Singapore Women’s & Children’s Medical Group
Closest hospital: Thomson Medical Centre & Mount Elizabeth Novena. He is moreover admitted to unhook at six private hospitals in Singapore
Patients rave well-nigh Dr. Chang’s warm demeanour and transferral to supporting a woman’s lineage choices. He is a noted specialist in high-risk pregnancies and ultrasound assessment, withal with gynaecological laparoscopic surgery. Two other big selling points for Dr. Chang – he has clinics near two variegated hospitals (TMC and Mt. E Novena) and counts superstar midwife Kiki Porter-Wolff on his staff.

Dr. TC Chang, Thomson Medical Centre, Ground Floor 339 Thomson Road, Singapore 307677, Tel: ( 65) 6253 6174 / 6253 4122 or 9446 0595 (Whatsapp during office hours), www.doctor-chang.net

Dr. Chee Jing Jye

Gynaecologists in Singapore - Dr. Chee Jing JyeClosest hospital: Mount Elizabeth (Orchard)
“Dr. Chee Jing Jye delivered my son nine years ago and I couldn’t have been happier. She is a highly experienced OBGYN, with increasingly than 15 years of practice. Surpassing joining private practice in 2010, Dr. Chee was the Consultant and Throne of the Peripartum Unit, Department of Maternal Fetal Medicine, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. During her time as Throne of the Peripartum Unit, Dr. Chee has overseen the medical management of the KK Hospital Wordage Suite, with over 12,000 deliveries annually. I am a worrier by nature but when it comes to pregnancy, it just took flipside level. So when we arrived in Singapore and found out we were pregnant, I wanted to find an OBGYN that I could trust. With her background, I knew I would be in good hands. In addition, her wifely and sweet personality was the perfect match for me. She accompanied me throughout my pregnancy, reassuring me every step of the way. The wordage went smoothly and I have recommended her to many of my friends since. Oh, and I never had to wait too long for any appointments! –Emilie 

Dr. Chee Jing Jye, 3 Mount Elizabeth, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, #12-02, Singapore 228510, Tel: ( 65) 6732 9882, www.drjjcheegynae.com

Dr. Chong Yap Seng

gynaecologists in singapore - Dr. Chong Yap SengClosest hospital: NUH
Renowned for introducing water births at NUH, Dr. Chong (often referred to as Professor Chong – he’s moreover Dean of NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine) has a reputation as one of the most pro-natural lineage gynaecologists in Singapore. We have to say we moreover love his selection of natty bowties.

“Professor Chong is very popular, and NUH is very rented in general, so expect long wait times (I’m talking hours). However my appointments were never rushed, and Professor Chong was happy to wordplay all my questions. Professor Chong was very supportive of my lineage plan, however, my little one arrived very quickly in the early hours of the morning so he didn’t make it to the hospital in time for the birth.” –Jessica

Dr. Chong Yap Seng, NUH Medical Centre, Level 3 (Kent Ridge Wing), 5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119074, appointment@nuhs.edu.sg, Tel: ( 65) 6772 2002, www.nuh.com.sg/nuhgynae

Dr. Choo Wan Ling

gynaecologists in singapore - Dr. Choo Wan LingClosest hospital: Mount Elizabeth Novena, but she is moreover worldly-wise to unhook at Mount Elizabeth Orchard, Gleneagles and Mount Alvernia
In wing to her popular obstetrics practice where she’s a huge well-wisher for a natural birth, Dr. Choo is well-versed in other gynaecological issues such as infections, endometriosis, fertility challenges and ovarian cysts. She moreover has a special interest in menopausal superintendency and sexuality sexual dysfunction. If you’re without a sexuality gynaecologist in Singapore who will put you at ease, squint no further.

“Dr. Choo and her staff are warm, relaxed and friendly, and she is unchangingly happy to wordplay questions and offer down-to-earth advice. Her office was unchangingly buzzing with patients (book early in the day or you may have a long wait superiority of you), but I never felt rushed, and unchangingly appreciated her personal touch. When I was pregnant with #2, she let my then-3-year-old daughter sit with her to squint at the ultrasound; to this day Maggie still compares all doctors versus Dr. Choo! She was completely unshut to my lineage plan and respectful of my desire to pursue a natural, drug-free birth.” –Kate

Dr. Choo Wan Ling, 38 Irrawaddy Road, #10-30 Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, Singapore 329563, Tel: ( 65) 6262 3060, www.sog.com.sg

Dr. Freda Khoo

gynaecologists in singapore - Dr. Freda KhooClosest hospital: Thomson Medical Centre. She is moreover credentialed to practice at several other hospitals, including Mount Elizabeth, Gleneagles, Parkway East and Mount Alvernia.
A mother of three herself, Dr. Khoo is a gynae single-minded to the weighing that every woman deserves quality and defended women’s healthcare throughout her life, from puberty till menopause and beyond.

“I started out seeing Dr Freda Khoo at KKH and she saw me through my pregnancy till the lineage of my second baby, and my husband and I had a wonderful wits with her. Dr Khoo doesn’t just talk to you like a doctor and an expert – she gets to “friend level.” That’s how much she shows she cares: it feels like she’s taken a personal interest in you, your family and your well-being. When Dr. Khoo left to start her own practice at Thomson Medical Centre, as much of a fan of KKH as I was, I went withal with her! Dr. Khoo listens to her patients and if anything, her soothing voice vacated will wifely your nerves in any situation.” –Nadia 

Dr. Freda Khoo, Freda Khoo Clinic, 339 Thomson Road, #06-05B Thomson Medical Centre, Millennial Wing Lift Lobby C, Singapore 307677, Tel: ( 65) 6259 6964, www.fredakhooclinic.com

Dr. Goh Shen Li

obgyn singapore - dr goh shen liClosest hospital: Mount Alvernia.
A mum of three herself, Dr. Goh is an topnotch doctor who is reported by patients to be extremely gentle and answers all your questions thoroughly. Dr. Goh was previously tying to KKH but now runs her practice out of Mount Alvernia.

Dr. Goh Shen Li, 820 Thomson Road, Mount Alvernia Hospital, Medical Centre D, #05-59, Singapore 574623, Tel: ( 65) 6258 8174, www.slgohclinic.com

Dr. Jasmine Mohd

OBGYN singapore - Dr. Jasmine MohdClinic: WC Cheng & Associates
Closest hospital:
Thomson Medical Centre. She moreover has whereas rights at Mount Alvernia, Gleneagles and Mount Elizabeth Hospitals
In wing to Obstetrics and antenatal medicine, Dr Jasmine’s sub-speciality is in wide laparoscopy (keyhole surgery), hysteroscopy and robotic surgery, and she previously served as Consultant Colposcopist in the Gynaecological Cancer Centre at KKH. She is a sexuality gynae who’s fully supportive of natural lineage and breastfeeding and has plane been certified in hypnotherapy techniques. She is currently serving as Vice President of Singapore’s College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists.

“I started seeing Dr. Jasmine at Thomson Medical Centre from my second trimester onwards. As a first time mum, I liked that she explained what’s next and what to expect to me, as it reduced my uneasiness of not knowing what’s to come for labour. She gave useful translating and tips on lineage preparation and moreover respected my wish for a natural birth. Check-up sessions were unchangingly a walkover – I didn’t have to wait for long hours. She was very responsive during my panic undeniability in the wee hours surpassing labour. Post labour, her stitches were wipe and I healed well.” –Atikah

Dr. Jasmine Mohd, 339 Thomson Road, Thomson Medical Centre, #01-01, Singapore 307677, Tel: ( 65) 6253 4122, www.wcca.com.sg

Dr. Kelly Loi

OBGYN singapore - Dr Kelly LoiClosest hospital: Mount Elizabeth (Orchard)
A mother of three with a special focus on fertility treatment, IVF and surgery in wing to antenatal and obstetrics care, Dr. Loi was educated in the UK and did remoter training at some of the top hospitals in the United States. She is incredibly patient and kind and has a trappy office with state-of-the-art facilities conveniently located on Orchard (she’s moreover the Medical Director of the Mount Elizabeth Hospital Fertility Centre). As with many of the most popular OBGYNs in Singapore, it’s weightier to typesetting early appointments to stave long wait times.

Dr. Kelly Loi, Health & Fertility Centre for Women, 3 Mount Elizabeth, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, #15-16, Singapore 228510, Tel: ( 65) 6235 5066, www.healthfertility.com.sg 

Dr. Lai Fon-Min

Gynaecologists in Singapore - Dr. Lai Fon-MinClinic: A Company for Women
Closest hospital: Camden Medical Centre, Mount Elizabeth, Parkway East & KKH.
Due to his non-interventionist, true-to-mama’s-wishes wordage style, Dr. Lai is very popular (and pricey, too). Rumour has it that he’s got the lowest C-section rate in town and that he doesn’t do episiotomies (hallelujah we say!). He’s moreover the only gynae in Singapore who might plane consider home births, which is far from a given these days and has a good relationship with many doulas. Dr Lai specialises in high-risk pregnancies, is commonly sought out to help mamas safely unhook breech babies, and welcomes patients who wish to go for VBAC. He moreover works slantingly Ginny Phang-Davey, a certified lineage and postpartum doula who moreover runs Four Trimesters Lineage Sanctuary.

Dr. Lai Fon Min, A Company for Women, Camden Medical Centre 1, Orchard Boulevard, #03-05/06, Singapore 248649, Tel: ( 65) 6333 6181, www.acompanyforwomen.com.sg

Dr. Mahesh Choolani

gynaecologists in Singapore - Dr. Mahesh ChoolaniClosest hospital: NUH & Mount Elizabeth Novena
Dr. Choolani is Throne of the Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department at NUH Women’s Centre. Considered one of the top high-risk pregnancy doctors in Singapore and moreover noted for his wifely demeanour and support for a natural birth, Dr. Choolani operates a super popular clinic at NUH (he used to have an office at Mount E Novena but no longer does). Expect lengthy wait times for this popular gynae, but his patients rave well-nigh him.

Dr Mahesh Choolani, NUH Medical Centre, Level 3 (Kent Ridge Wing), 5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119074, appointment@nuhs.edu.sg, Tel: ( 65) 6772 2002, www.nuh.com.sg/nuhgynae

Dr. Paul Tseng

OBGYN singapore - Dr Paul TsengClosest hospital: Thomson Medical Centre
Sought out by natural birthing mamas, Dr. Paul Tseng draws raves for his kind and gentle bedside manner and can be counted on to follow your lineage plan as far as he possibly can. We hear he’s particularly unconfined for Singapore ladies seeking VBACs and gives mamas the option to skip scans during appointments if they don’t finger one is strictly necessary. Click here to read two lineage stories from mamas who gave lineage with Dr Tseng (Tricia and Pooja).

Dr. Paul Tseng, TLC Gynaecology Practice, 339 Thomson Road, #03-02 Thomson Medical Centre, Singapore 307677, Tel: ( 65) 6254 2878, www.thomsonmedical.com/doctor/dr-paul-tseng

Dr. Tan Thiam Chye

Gynaecologists in Singapore - Dr. Tan Tiam ChyeClinic: O&G The Women’s Medical Specialist
Closest hospital: Mount Elizabeth Novena & Thomson Medical Centre
With increasingly than 15 years of experience, Dr. Tan Thiam Chye has delivered increasingly than 5,000 babies in Singapore. Surpassing joining O&G, he was Throne of Department and Senior Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and the Urgent O&G Centre at KKH. He is moreover an Associate Professor of OBGYN at Duke-NUS Medical School, where he’s won numerous awards as both educator and clinician. The O&G Clinic offers telemedicine services, too, so you can skip long wait times and talk to your doctor through real-time video, which is expressly useful for post-natal visits.

Dr. Tan Thiam Chye, O&G The Women’s Medical Specialist, 38 Irrawaddy Road, #04-24 Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, Singapore 329563, Tel: ( 65) 6974 4188 / ( 65) 8202 3803, www.ogwomensspecialist.com.sg 

Dr. Tony Tan

OBGYN Singapore - Dr. Tony TanClosest hospital: Mount Alvernia. He is admitted to unhook at all private hospitals in Singapore.
Along with Drs. Biswas, Chang and Choolani, Dr Tan is flipside name that commonly comes up when discussing top OBGYNs in Singapore for high-risk pregnancies – these include including twins/multiples, second opinions, genetic disorders and unwont ultrasound scans. Of course, he moreover treats low-risk pregnant women, as well as other gynaecological conditions such as fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and more. Dr. Tan personally screens foetuses in every trimester and has a full team of medical specialists in his clinic, including a midwife and consultant anaesthetist.

Dr. Tony Tan, 820 Thomson Road, Mount Alvernia Hospital, #07-66 Medical Centre D, Singapore 574623, Tel: ( 65) 6972 4497/98 or ( 65) 8622 3850 (Whatsapp for appointments only), www.drtonytan.com

Dr. Vanaja Kalaichelvan

gynaecologists in Singapore - Dr. Vanaja KalaichelvanClosest Hospital: NUH
Dr. Vanaja has special training in maternal-fetal medicine, including a clinical fellowship in ultrasonography at St George’s Hospital, London. In wing to her position at NUH’s Antenatal Diagnostic Centre and teaching responsibilities, she moreover jointly runs its O&G Diabetic Clinic.

“Dr. Vanaja made every visit very comfortable. As a first-time mama, I was clueless a lot of the time, but she helped explain anything I had questions on. She didn’t impose anything on me that I wasn’t unshut to, and she was very respectful of my plan for a natural wordage without pain relief. Since she was at her other clinic in Jurong, she was woolgathering during a portion of my zippy labour period but came just in time to unhook the baby. I’m very happy with her service overall! However, due to her popularity, I usually had to wait surpassing seeing her for my appointments – at times it took up to half a day of waiting.” –Syazana

Dr. Vanaja Kalaichelvan, NUH Medical Centre, Level 3 (Kent Ridge Wing), 5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119074, appointment@nuhs.edu.sg, Tel: ( 65) 6772 2002, www.nuh.com.sg/nuhgynae 

We’ve got plenty increasingly pregnancy and victual must-knows you’ll love!

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