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Is renting a car in Singapore an easy solution?

Is renting a car in Singapore an easy solution?

If you’re living in Singapore, owning a car may finger like a afar dream. With the ever-increasing forfeit of the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) here, purchasing a car has wilt an expressly financially challenging task for many families. Avis Singapore is helping to underpass this gap with a increasingly affordable solution to lease a car in Singapore. We take a squint at what Avis is offering, from short- to long-term and monthly car rentals in Singapore, plus we hear from some customers who are currently renting a car in Singapore.

#1 New squadron options

Understanding the challenges faced by drivers in the current market, Avis has introduced a brand-new squadron that caters to a wide range of preferences. Whether you’re an automobile enthusiast or need the perfect car for school drop-off, there’s a rental suited to your lifestyle. For every family that needs the right value of room for kids, friends and school bags, flipside suburbanite might be keen on a cutting-edge hybrid car, or plane a luxurious SUV like the prestigious Mercedes Benz GLB 180.

Lease a car in Singapore - Avis Rental

#2 All-in-one leasing

Avis Singapore’s focus on providing the perfect rental car doesn’t stop at offering an impressive fleet. The aim is to requite every suburbanite peace of mind and the feeling of self-rule when renting a car in Singapore. This ways recognising that the needs of expats and individuals here vary, equal to how long they might be staying and how long they need a rental car. With these varying durations of stay in mind, the visitor has curated all-in-one leasing solutions that span from one-year leases to five years or more. This way, drivers can enjoy the flexibility and benefits of having a reliable vehicle, while lamister the exacting commitments of car ownership.

Avis rental renting a car in Singapore

#3 Inclusive packages & worry-free convenience

When you segregate Avis Singapore, you not only proceeds wangle to lease a car in Singapore from a premier rental service but moreover unlock some unconfined benefits and lulu packages. The car rental rates are moreover some of the weightier in Singapore and complemented by inclusive additions for a truly hassle-free experience.

In these packages, you can enjoy widow perks such as unlimited mileage, the convenience of self-ruling spare drivers, comprehensive car insurance coverage, a replacement vehicle in specimen of unforeseen circumstances, and plane servicing and maintenance all taken superintendency of by Avis Singapore.

Hear from some Avis customers well-nigh renting a car in Singapore

Renting a car in Singapore - Avis

“I’ve been renting a car in Singapore with this Avis workshop for over two years, specifically for personal use with their non-luxury range. The team at Avis offer responsive service, competitive rates for a long-term rentals, flexibility and are willing to take suggestions.

My main contact for the unshortened rental period, Esther, has delivered professional and prompt service throughout. This included listening to my feedback regarding soupcon cams which were then provided in the next car I rented from Avis, and finding a replacement car when I had some gripes with the diamond of the Mazda 3.

When you get into an accident, the process with Avis is quite straightforward (although I’ve only experienced it with a very minor nick on the side mirror). There’s a bit of insurance paperwork but Avis guided me through it so it wasn’t much of an issue at all.

Additionally, in comparison to other car rental companies Avis really are competitive for the price.”
– Dylan

“Avis has provided unconfined service throughout our long-term car rental. It was easy to lease a car in Singapore and work with the team to find the right vehicle. They were very supportive helping us with the contract, the car was in a unconfined condition and the handover was easy and well explained.


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