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The Bump: Gorgeous Maternity Photos of Professional Dancer & Kaftan Designer Jovann Walker

The Bump: Gorgeous Maternity Photos of Professional Dancer & Kaftan Designer Jovann Walker

Gorgeous maternity photography in Sassy Mama’s ‘The Bump’!

This month’s ‘The Bump’ features stunning maternity photography of American Jovann Walker by Gunilla Lindgren of Sugarlight Photography. Jovann has been living in Singapore for four and a half years and gave lineage to her daughter Gisèle Nicole in July 2018. Jovann used to be a professional dancer for 14 years in the NFL and NBA but now designs her own kaftan collection, Nicola Kaftans, and has plans to expand to swimwear made from recycled plastic and fishing nets. Read on to hear increasingly well-nigh her wits with pregnancy in Singapore – including the ups and downs of IUI and IVF – and to trammels out her gorgeous maternity photoshoot at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

What was your reaction when you first found out you were pregnant?
When I suspected I was pregnant I was overjoyed with so many emotions. Excitement that my dreams and prayers had finally been answered, and fear that something would go wrong.

Your funniest memory over the 9 months?

My funniest pregnancy moment was every time we had to do a sonogram and we wanted to get a glimpse of her she would roll over and turn yonder from the light, preventing us from seeing her until she arrived. By the third visit of that happening it became quite funny. If nothing else, that definitely gave us a glimpse of her personality very early on.
Any unconfined books and resources that prepared you for when your victual arrived? What to Expect When You’re Expecting was my bible. I loved it and found it very useful.

What do you think every woman should know surpassing getting pregnant?

Your journey is your journey! You should tune out the noise and do what’s weightier for you. Everyone’s pregnancy is variegated and everyone has an opinion. This is well-nigh you, your partner and the life that you’re bringing into the world. Things that worked for other people may or may not work for you so we put this enormous value of pressure on ourselves, causing ourselves unnecessary stress that is not good for getting pregnant or stuff pregnant. So I say just relax, enjoy it all, and know that this is your journey and your journey only.

What was the easiest trimester and which one proved most difficult?

My easiest trimester while stuff pregnant was my second trimester as I was finally worldly-wise to hold supplies down, work out, move around, be normal and just enjoy everything well-nigh stuff pregnant. With that said my most difficult trimester was my first one. I was extremely sick for the first 14 weeks. I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum and everything made me sick, from attempting to eat anything other then saltine crackers to brushing my teeth. The vaporization caused me to be hospitalized and I just felt overall miserable every day.

Did you follow a fitness programme while you were pregnant?

I did prenatal yoga which was very relaxing and therapeutic for me. I never had any when pain throughout my unshortened pregnancy and I felt the yoga helped me get the weightier sleep ever.

Any malleate tips and tricks for maternity dressing?

Kaftans were my go-to saviour. For very nice stylish wear, Seraphine out of London has the cutest tony maternity wear and they ship to Singapore. Moreover a must are the Align II leggings from lululemon. These pants are soft, upper rise, no elastic, stretches with your tumor and hands lanugo are the most well-appointed piece of suit you’ll put on while pregnant and your everyday well-appointed go-to post-pregnancy.

Did you have any weird and wonderful cravings?
Strangely unbearable all I wanted was kale greens. During my first trimester it was the only thing that didn’t make me sick so I googled every kind of kale recipe there was. Kale soups, shakes, salads, chips, you name it and I made it with kale.

What did you struggle with most stuff pregnant?

My biggest struggle was fear of bad news, of my pregnancy not stuff successful. I was unchangingly nervous something would happen so yoga and meditation was very helpful for me as well as hearing her heartbeat at every appointment. That unchangingly gave me reassurance that she was ok.

Name a mama you find inspiring and why?

I find my own mother very inspiring. We all love our mothers but I don’t think you can truly fathom their strengths and their sacrifices until you wilt a mother yourself. My mother was a single mother that gave my sister and me an wondrous childhood. She never complained, never looked tired, was unchangingly very cheerful and positive, and made sure we had everything we needed. When you wilt a mother you fathom that level of love plane more.

What are your thoughts well-nigh finding out the sex in advance?

For me I hate surprises or stuff yellow-eyed well-nigh anything. I moreover try to plan everything so for planning purposes I wanted to know what our little miracle victual was. And once I found out it was a girl it was pink, ruffles, bows and tutus overload.

Did it take you some time getting pregnant or were you one of those mamas who got lucky on the first try?

It did. Without two years of not stargazing on our own we did two rounds of IUI and two rounds of IVF, all of which was unsuccessful. We decided to requite it a unravel and except perhaps God had a variegated plan for us, as less then 3 months later to our surprise I was pregnant naturally without trying. It was AMAZING.

What kind of lineage did you have?
Emergency C-section at Mt. Elizabeth Novena.

What helped you get your groove when without stuff pregnant?

My family, friends and husband insisted that I uncork doing normal things right from the start. Taking proper time for myself to do whatever I needed to do or to get proper rest made the transition of rhadamanthine a mommy so much easier.

Do you have any mama-friendly favourite places (restaurants, parks, etc.) to hang out with your baby? Why? Maggie & Rose is my favorite place ever! However I find every place in Singapore accommodating.

Any local businesses (or websites) that made your pregnancy journey easier?

I loved The Tumor app and website. Each week they would send me what fruit size my victual was that week withal with the weightier wares by doctors, nurses, midwives and therapists from all over the world. A lot of my questions and curiosities well-nigh things I found got answered there. I moreover found ParentCraft by Dr Wong Boh Boi classes and books amazing. Not only did she make me very well-appointed and wifely well-nigh giving birth, what to expect, without lineage info, etc but she’s moreover very funny and unchangingly wieldy to you without her classes and without you requite birth. She’s a victual whisperer and truly amazing.

What are your hopes and dreams for your baby? 

Good health, happiness, the opportunities for her to succeed whatever she wants, and for her to unchangingly know how loved she is.
Thanks so much for chatting with us Jovann and big thanks to Gunilla Lindgren of Sugarlight Photography for the trappy images!

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