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10 Best Yoga Studios in Singapore 2024

10 Best Yoga Studios in Singapore 2024

Yoga Studios offering an assortment of yoga classes in Singapore are turning out to be more famous with Singaporeans who are encountering the pressure and tension of working extended periods of time and are searching for solid, non-cured arrangements.

The Rising Demand of Yoga Classes

Yoga trends that will only get bigger in 2022 - Her World Singapore

Many are turning towards yoga and reflection to help make and keep a better way of life. Singapore's Yoga Studios has extended their contributions to incorporate yoga classes like Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga, Hot yoga, Kundalini, and Center to take special care of the rising requests. Specific classes, for example, Pre-birth, Iyengar, Ethereal, Yoga Wheel, are likewise acquiring fame.

This article investigates the main 13 yoga studios in view of google and facebook audits of their yoga classes.

1. Hom Yoga

Hom Yoga Singapore - Contemporary Yoga Studio

Styles of Yoga Advertised: Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram Yoga, Ashtanga (Mysore), Power, Yin, Pre-Natal, Children, Anusara®, Sivananda, Birthing specialist and Mum's Circle, Dharma Yoga, Universal®, Contemplation, Yin Yang


A contemporary Yoga Studio in Singapore, Hom Yoga as of now has 3 areas, with its most current studio settled at Waterway Valley. Different areas are strategically placed in the CBD at Pools Put and on Plantation Street's Focal Shopping center.

The studio is enthusiastic about their maintainable works on, utilizing just non-harmful VOC paints for the walls, which don't produce vapor or poisonous particles out of sight during yoga meetings. Their Germany made yoga mats, are sans plastic, and agree with the Oeko-Tex Worldwide Eco-Accommodating Norm.

A special rewards is that they are nearby to Little Homesteads bistro and new food store where you can snatch an espresso, solid beverage, tidbits or lunch after a stimulating yoga meeting.

Writer’s Experience:

"Hom Yoga gave me moderate energies when I originally strolled in. With the white washed walls, everything felt very harmony, and I truly preferred the serene atmosphere that I had inside the bounds of the yoga studio. Hom Yoga includes an intriguing blend of educators offering various styles of Yoga. Yoga Educators Sita Chia and Blaire Hughs have assisted me with forming an essential thought regarding what Yoga is to me, during my beginning phases of yoga practice. Their insight and support has offered me knowledge and set a way for me to find more about myself."

2. Pure Yoga

Styles of Yoga Advertised: Hatha, Vinyasa, Hot 26 (Bikram), Ashtanga (Mysore), Center, Yin, Elevated, Wheel, Pre-Natal, Supportive, Iyengar, Yoga Nidra, Reflection, Nothing Contemplation, Yoga Treatment, Yoga for Sprinters, Yoga for Office Laborers


Having 4 areas strategically placed in Plantation Street and inside the Focal Business Region, Unadulterated Yoga is the one of the trailblazer yoga establishments in Singapore. Its different areas incorporate Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and USA.

Unadulterated Yoga has a variety of yoga styles and their new expansion to the rundown of classes incorporate Arrangement 1 and 2, utilizing props to help understudies going further into their training with legitimate arrangement.

Most conspicuous instructors are Arun Rana and Tan Hee Shelter, with over 10 years of showing experience separately. Educators are proficient, offering their aptitude to newbies and experience specialists the same.

Writer’s Experience:

"Unadulterated Yoga is one of the biggest yoga preparing supplier in Singapore, furnishing clients with quality assistance concerning offices. Their areas are additionally halfway found, which compensates for the time expected to spend making a trip to finish my shopping or tasks.

I may be one-sided on the grounds that I did my 200 Hours Yoga Educator Preparing (YTT) here, however the local area at Unadulterated Yoga made me return even after I have finished my preparation. From their online entertainment, to day to day contributions of classes, and educator's commitment to assist specialists with working on in their solidarity and adaptability, (Body and Mentality). Unadulterated Yoga has been acceptable in their administration greatness principles. I prescribe Unadulterated Yoga to anybody needing to seek after a drawn out venture towards a better way of life."

Interesting comments and reviews:

"Extraordinary new Unadulterated Yoga Studio in suntec! Just opened on 21 May 2018. Decent studios and changing rooms with every one of the advantages of the incredible educators of Unadulterated thus helpful for us all around Suntec region. Delightful new office. It is arranged between Pinnacle One and Two in Suntec at #01-501" - Google (Unadulterated Yoga Singapore Suntec City)

"I feel open to going there. The offices are great and enough for all individuals to utilize. They likewise give FOC hot red date tea and hot ginger tea which have turned into my number one and an unquestionable necessity to drink previously or after class. You won't feel lament joining here!" - Facebook (Unadulterated Yoga Singapore)

3. Como Shambhala Urban Escape

Sport Recovery Programmes at Como Shambhala Urban Escape

Styles of Yoga Advertised: Hatha, Iyengar, Yin, Yin Yang, Pre-Natal, Post-Natal, Supportive, Anusara®, Yoga for Backcare, Children


Situated at Delfi Plantation, Como Shambhala Metropolitan Departure consolidates the way of thinking of sound living and comprehensive health, with the conviction that everybody can achieve an internal degree of quietness, binding together the brain, body and soul.

Their accomplished yoga educators are universally certify, specifically, Lynn and Sumei, whose well known Power 1 (Anusara®) is a hit among the individuals. This class is an encapsulation of solidarity, equilibrium and refinement, a cutting edge framework propelled by conventional Hatha Yoga technique.

Interesting comments and reviews:

"Have been rehearsing in this studio for over 2 years. They have extraordinary instructors who are enthusiastic about what they do. Unfortunately, I have seen administration making changes to the studio that dissuades individuals from proceeding with their training. A studio with incredible potential yet an administration that doesn't listen nor figure out clients' necessities. There is likewise a differential treatment on clients who are high esteemed. Most likely a decent spot to begin your training yet not one for you to remain with." - Facebook (Como Shambhala)

"Best pre-birth yoga classes around! Lay Peng and Charmaine are astounding educators who will focus on each understudy in class and will likewise make a special effort to assist you with pregnancy torment/issues with yoga! Excellent showers, and agreeable climate to partake in your training. I likewise love the ginger tea <3" - Google (Como Shambhala)

4. Yoga Movement

Styles of Yoga Advertised: Yoga for Fledglings, Hot Rudiments, Center, Hot Center, Power, Hot Power, Hot Stream, HIIT Yoga, Yin


Established by Vocalist Musician turned Yoga Studio proprietor Alicia Dish, Yoga Development embraces the laid back and resort vibe at their 6 studios with their lead outlet situated at Robertson Quay. Whether you are into a sluggish Harmony class or an invorigating Hot Center, the range of classes will permit you to tune internal and make some quality memories for yourself.

What compels this studio stand apart is their 2 hour Staggered "Step Up" classes held each end of the week, which assists understudies with developing their functional information on top stances and key muscle gatherings.

Writer’s Experience:

"Yoga Development gave me moment relax flows positively. At Robertson Quay's outlet, I could chill at the porch when my class. The laid back vibe implied that I could feel loose and removed me from the stressors of work and individual responsibilities. In the event that you are searching for testing stream successions without being secured by a month to month participation, go for Yoga Development, you will appreciate it!"

Interesting comments and reviews:

"Continuously a magnificent involvement in Yoga Development. All around assembled offices and completely testing classes with patient Educators!" - Facebook (Yoga Development)

"Great hot center class. Keep away from noon though...in January as well." - Google (Yoga Development Tanjong Pagar)

5. Platinum Yoga

Expat Choice | Platinum Yoga

Styles of Yoga Advertised: Yoga for Fledglings, Airborne, Wall Rope, Wheel, Yin Yang, Hatha Vinyasa, Kundalini Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Yoga for Weight reduction, Chakra Yoga


With their focal areas and roomy studios, Platinum Yoga Pioneer, Anil has fabricated a group of instructors from various foundations, mastery, and nationalities. Their classes are separated into the five components:

Air : Flying, Wall Rope and Wheel
Water: Detox Stream, Yin Yang and Power
Earth : Essential, Neck Back Shoulders, Hatha Adjust, Treatment, Recovery
Space : Chakra Contemplation and Pranayama (breathworks)
Fire: Hot Stream, Hot Shape, Hot Exemplary Yoga, Hot Vinyasa

Their Hot Shape Yoga won the Shape Sports Grant in 2016, for being the "Most Agreeable Hot Yoga Class"

Fascinating remarks and surveys:

"Platinum Yoga has perfect and serious educators. My undisputed top choice is Arya. His experience permits him to know how to securely change and right his understudies. He is dependably in great structure while showing classes, despite the fact that it very well might be his fifth or sixth class for that day. I show respect for him for his high energy and devotion in educating. Great job!!" - Facebook (Platinum Yoga)

"I've further developed much in the wake of joining Platinum Yoga Westgate last year! Preceding that, I've been rehearsing at different studios however have never seen such upgrades. Extremely appreciative to the educators at PY:) Under their direction, I've become more mindful of my stances during my practices. Sushil's and Mani's class are perfect!" - Google (Platinum Yoga)

6. Yoga Inc

Styles of Yoga Advertised: Yoga for Novices, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, Hatha 1 and 2, Pre-Natal, Bikram Yoga, Helpful, Hot Stretch, Hot 26


Lodging 5 studios islandwide, Yoga Inc is a local store studio taking special care of heartlanders, with areas at Tampines, Guillemard, Tiong Bahru, Buona Vista and Punggol. Their extensive studios offer a bunch of class types, going from arrangement based classes like Essentials and Hatha 2, testing Center and Stream, to loosening up Yin and Supportive.

With a 4.9 rating on Google, understudies have supplemented the showing staff on their commitment, neighborliness, and calm feel.

Interesting comments and reviews:

"Yoga Inc is a remarkable yoga studio with brilliant yoga instructors!!!! Everybody from the yoga educators themselves to the cleaners and receptionists generally has a grin all over and is glad to clear your questions and answer your inquiries. The studio is additionally kept flawless and clean. This specific outlet has an old fashioned rural air to it that is difficult to come by in some other studios I have been! 10/10 will prescribe to anybody who's nearby to attempt one of their classes for themselves!" - Google (Yoga Inc Tiong Bahru)

"My experience here has been wonderful. I partook in the Hatha 2 class the most, Fiona truly pushed me as far as possible (I kicked just a tad yet i'm back now) with a ton of spotlight on my stance and arrangement. My different classes with Happiness (who has a truly warm character btw) were likewise extremely fun and drawing in!" - Google (Yoga Inc Tampines)

7. Art of Yoga

The Art of Yoga: certification courses by The Yoga Mand...

Styles of Yoga Advertised: Ashtanga (Mysore), Ashtanga Drove Half Essential Series, Ashtanga Drove Full Essential Series, Yoga for Novices, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Stream, Hatha Nuts and bolts, Pre-Natal, Post-Natal, Pranayama, Qi Gong, Judo, Helpful, Sivananda, Yamuna Body Rolling, MyoFascial Delivery


For Easties, Craft of Yoga is one yoga studio to look at. Established by KPJAYI approved Ashtanga Educator Nadira Mohsin in 2013, her educating is fundamentally centered around Ashtanga, and has since extended to incorporate different styles of yoga.

One such class that offers a blend of body arrangement and pressure discharge is Yamuna Body Rolling, drove by occupant wellbeing educator Arti Darayan. It has been demonstrated to increment adaptability, free the assemblage of limited development and lessen pressure and tension levels. Craft of Yoga is additionally one of only a handful of exceptional studios to offer Taichi, an old practice from the Ming Line in China. The hour class is driven by Edwin Tan, said to increment body mindfulness and Qi development. Figure out more about their other class contributions here

Interesting comments and reviews:

"The booking application is extremely simple to utilize, likewise will send google schedule welcomes. There are a lot of seminars on day time and evening. Priti Sanghavi is an astonishing teacher. I truly partake in her group. She's reassuring and assists me with pushing toward my breaking point." - Google (Craft of Yoga)

"Went for my most memorable pre-birth class. Extraordinary encompassing and clean offices. Great size yoga rooms. Inviting and agreeable staff. Agreeable class. Their application is not difficult to use for appointments. Great choices for class plans. Will be returning for additional pre-birth classes." - Google (Specialty of Yoga)

"Been going for a really long time. Love the educators. Nadira, Cheryl, Derris, Euphoria, Sheela, Karen, Hazel and Jenny, thank you for the delight, harmony and direction your meetings have given me throughout the long term. Namaste!" - Facebook (Specialty of Yoga)

8. Yoga Lab

Styles of Yoga Advertised: Yoga 101, Yin Yang, Smart Stretch, Yobarre (Yoga and Barre), Center, Hot 26, Pre-Natal, Vinyasa Stream, Baptiste Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Advance Yoga Level 2


Established by proprietor Jasmine Chong, whose mission was to make yoga open to all, has been a main thrust behind the shop studio's improvement of value class conveyance and experienced instructors.

Yoga Lab is additionally the primary studio to be Baptiste Power Yoga Associated, following the showing philosophies of Aristocrat Baptiste, which intends to enable understudies with the capacity to challenge their cutoff points. Yoga Lab additionally offers shrewd stretch classes, which center around sensations and practical portability to fortify designated joints and muscle gatherings.

Interesting comments and reviews:

"Yoga Lab has been my go to studio when I really wanted a spot to "simply be" and get a normal portion of everyday practice in. Their advantageous areas set me straight as I didn't need to travel extremely far and could design my day around my yoga practice. Their educators likewise set the rhythm for the classes well, and you will track down anything from testing backbends, to dial soothing yin and supportive stances for twisting back."

Fascinating remarks and audits:

"Run activity in east coast, however felt the space may not be too held during the class (eg guidance, progress, variety of stances). Perhaps the size of class, may likewise be the way of life of the spot. Had a decent exercise yet perhaps not such an incredible yoga class. Be that as it may, somehow, is a very much run activity, no contention." - Google (Yoga Lab East Coast)

"As a past commentator referenced, it has traffic commotion from outside. In any case, I was exceptionally satisfied with the pre-birth preliminary class and would of pursued more if my spending plan could manage the cost of it!" - Google (Yoga Lab CBD)

"Adored my involvement with the Yoga Lab. Such a warm, well disposed, and welcoming local area. Delightful space, great hearted individuals. Betty is a particularly extraordinary pioneer whose effect is seen and felt down to everything about educator at the studio. Educators are truly proficient and give a strong encounter. Much obliged to you!" - Facebook (Yoga Lab)

9. Yoga + (Yoga Plus)

Styles of Yoga Advertised: Stretch, Yoga Dance, Power Vinyasa, Reversals, Vinyasa Stream, Cardio Stream, Fundamental, Pre-Natal


Yoga + is a shop studio with areas in Chinatown, Tanjong Pagar and Bedouin Road. Directing comfortable and moderate energies, Yoga In addition to plans to help social causes like bosom disease and chemical imbalance, by making mindfulness and teaching their understudies on rewarding the local area.

Known for their serious stream and center classes, the amicable educators incorporate clinical specialists and development subject matter experts. All are empowering and push you past your underlying cutoff points without causing you to feel overpowered.

Interesting comments and reviews:

"Class educator Chris was exceptionally obliging and pleasant. Not pushy or anything. Incredible exercise that is not excessively hard yet not excessively simple for normal degree of wellness." - Google (Yoga In addition to Middle Easterner Road)

"Figured I wouldn't exactly like shop yoga studios, however coming here has adjusted my perspective. Yoga+ is where I started my yoga process and where I was presented to a local area and obviously knowledgeable educators who challenge you to a higher level. Despite the fact that it is a little space, it's comfortable and causes you to feel like you're at ease particularly with the break time after classes - I need to note however that it may not be for everybody." - Google (Yoga In addition to Pagoda Road)

10. Yoga In Common

Yoga In Common: Read Reviews and Book Classes on ClassPass

Styles of Yoga Advertised: Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Power Yoga, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Kundalini, Sound Recuperating, Yoga Stretch


Settled over a Farrer Park shophouse, lies Yoga In like manner. The studio makes them stun instructors, for example, Globally Famous Coach Jeremy Lim, who drives the Power and Alignment® classes. This extraordinary Hatha Vinyasa class centers around framing a congruity with the psyche, body, breath and local area.

Characterized under 4 unique classes, understudies will be spoilt for decision in the wide choice.

Interesting comments and reviews:

"I love this spot! Gifted educators for each level (yoga and reflection) and a lovely shala to rehearse in. Enthusiastically suggested. Yoga In like manner assisted me a great deal with drawing nearer to my training the time I was in Singapore, anticipating return one day" - Facebook (Yoga In like manner)

"Extraordinary environment in the shala. Likewise extraordinary bistros and chill place around the area esp Horne street. My wake-up routine at the shala is holy." - Facebook (Yoga In like manner)

"I visited Singapore about a month prior and found the studio by chance as I was remaining nearby. The studio was totally lovely. Quiet, quiet and inviting - there's a delightful hand drawn painting on the wall that adds to the credible yogic mood. The educators were incredible - cordial, mindful and mindful. I attempted the Yin Yang class and I emerged from it upbeat day in and day out. I chose to return once more and partook in the stretch class and the stream class. It's ideal to go to such an enticing space and I'm certainly anticipating returning. Disgrace they aren't based where I reside, you should go there on the off chance that you live in Singapore. It's a waste not to give it a shot for yourself!" - Google (Yoga In like manner)

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