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Pelvic floor exercises that really work!

Pelvic floor exercises that really work!

Whether you’ve recently given lineage and are struggling with diastasis recti, or you want to flatten your tummy and get when to stuff “you” then without having children, you’ll no doubt be researching training programmes and looking for pelvic floor therapists and exercises. Did you know that there is a team of specialised women’s health physios and cadre trainers right here in Singapore who are passionate well-nigh helping women do just this? New mums can strengthen their pelvic floor and say goodbye to the “mummy tummy” with Health2mama’s sectional training programmes created by top women’s health physios in Singapore.

Health2mama - pevlic floor exercises and training programmes for diastasis recti

Health2mama’s “Abs Fab” and “Pelvic Floor and Core” packages uncork with a full towage to work out the causes of your protruding tummy and pelvic floor issues.  This includes an ultrasound, as well as physical checks for diastasis recti, ab muscle thickness and deep cadre activation.

Only then will one of the bespoke and evidence-based training programmes be recommended to you, expressly tailored to include cadre training, tummy-trimming nutritional planners, and a revolutionary treatment that delivers wondrous results for your abs and pelvic floor!

Here’s Health2mama’s four-step plan towards a flatter tummy and stronger pelvic floor!

Health2mama - pevlic floor exercises therapists and training programmes for diastasis recti

#1 “Musculpting” for abs and pelvic floor

The benefits of this treatment for stomach and pelvic floor muscles are far-reaching – from relieving incontinence and regaining sexual function to healing diastasis recti (abdominal separation), restoring abs and curing pelvic and when pain. Carried out at Health2mama’s clinic, Musculpting uses electro-magnetic stimulation technology, with significant results in just four sessions. In fact, 30 minutes of abs Musculpting and fat urgent equals 20,000 ab curls. And the equivalent for the pelvic floor amounts to an impressive 11,000 kegels. Wow!

Health2mama - pevlic floor exercises therapists and training programmes for diastasis recti

#2 Cadre training

Suffering from incontinence, diastasis recti, prolapse or when pain? Or perhaps you simply want to rebuild and restore your pelvic floor and core? During training sessions, you’ll be guided through clinically proven cadre training and pelvic floor exercises, progressing at your own pace for the weightier results.

Women's health physio in Singapore

#3 Belly-flattening nutrition

Alongside Health2mama’s tried-and-tested training programmes and ground-breaking Musculpting treatments, you’ll receive personalised and evidence-based nutritional advice. This will help you modernize your nutrition and unzip optimum health. You’ll moreover get online wangle to fat-burning recipes, tips on eating out, weekly meal planners and substitution tips, so you can be unpreventable that you’re making the right choices.

#4 The all-new Health2mama app

Created by women’s health experts, this one-stop holistic wellness hub helps mums and mums-to-be reach their goals and finger healthy, fit and empowered. You’ll find over 1,000 recipes and 300 easy-to-follow 10-minute online workouts. It moreover has 18 guides offering expert translating on recovery and beyond. Importantly, you’ll moreover be worldly-wise to wangle online support from expert trainers, pelvic floor therapists and women’s health experts. Subscribe now for a self-ruling seven-day trial ($12 a month thereafter).

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