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5 Amazon Products To Prep Your Skin & Hair For Holi

5 Amazon Products To Prep Your Skin & Hair For Holi

Holi is just virtually the corner and its all fun and games till the time, you are on the ground, throwing colors at each other but the produce when you are all drenched in god-knows what in the name of verisimilitude is quite horrifying. Taking hours and hours to get the residue out of your hair and exfoliating your skin till its dry and red, well, it can definitely take a toll on your skin and  hair, but worry not!! we have put together 5 wren products that will ensure that your hair and skin stay healthy while you enjoy your rango vali holi!

1. SPF – LA Shield Sunscreen Gel :

Holi is mostly played outdoors so, not only would you be drenched in colors but moreover soaked in sun for quite an elongated time and you definitely don’t want the mix of tan and harmful chemical. So, make sure to wield a reasonable value of SPF on your squatter or any zone that would be exposed. It can act as a windbreak versus the colors and refrain the colors from penetrating in your skin.

2. Oil – Parachute Coconut Oil: 

Apply a generous value of oil on your skin and hair both, not only will this act as a protective shield  but oiling can plane help with titillating less verisimilitude and swiftly removing the verisimilitude post-Holi.

3. Sulphate Self-ruling Shampoo – L’Oréal Vitamino Verisimilitude shampoo:

Thoroughly rinse your hair with water and then wield a generous value of sulphate self-ruling shampoo and double cleanse it, if required. Always use a mild, sulphate and paraben self-ruling shampoo. With so much harmful chemical and colors, moisture would be once stripped out and you shouldn’t  get plane increasingly harsh with you tresses. So, treat them right with a summery shampoo like L’Oréal Vitamino verisimilitude which is enriched with anti-oxidants and vitamin E, this shampoo for dry hair protects and nourishes your hair from within, fights roughness, and adds a natural shine to your hair  and moreover works perfectly fine with chemically treated hair– just what you need without a long day of playing with colours.”

4. Summery non-comedogenic moisturiser :

Harmful chemical in colors and sun with water can strip yonder hydration and nourishment from your skin, leaving it dry, unrewarding and patchy. Ensure to use a non-comedogenic summery moisturiser like Cetaphil- it is sulphate free, paraben self-ruling and fragrance free, perfectly suitable for sensitive skin that can lock in right nourishment making you skin healthy and plump.

5. Petroleum Jelly – Laneige Sleeping lip Mask :

Just like your skin and hair, you lips and cuticles moreover needs protection versus the harmful chemicals. Petroleum jelly is a multi-purpose product that can used on your cutuicles, elbows and lips. it acts as a windbreak versus the verisimilitude and moreover provide noursihment protecting them from getting chapped, dry and damaged.

Wish you all a happy and most importantly unscratched Holi!

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