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10 Best Theatre Companies in Singapore [2024]

10 Best Theatre Companies in Singapore [2024]

It is often said that theater is a mirror of society and, in fact, there is hardly a better way to get to know a city than through a good local production. From decades-old factories to the newest establishments in the region, there are many wonderful businesses that tell the story of Singapore; Here are some.

1. Wild Rice

Wild Rice's new Funan home was inspired by the National Theatre, wayang and  Shakespeare - CNA Lifestyle

Fun, stylish performances that impress

Known for tackling pressing social issues with sharp intelligence and a generous dose of humor, Wild Rice clearly has a premise built into the scene. It has been around since the company was founded by artistic director Ivan Heng in 2000. The annual season usually consists of a mix of original works and adaptations of classics with a twist.

“ Our plays celebrate Singapore's rich cultural diversity, showcasing the best of local theatre, providing audiences with a sense of community, pride and belonging,” says Heng.

In 2024, for example, it will bring back local playwright Joel Tan's adaptation of Molière's dark and hilarious satire "Tartuffe: The Impostor" after selling out in 2022 Rice also traditionally concludes the year in the family. Nice pantomime with a cast of fascinating young actors from the company's training courses.

2. Pangdemonium

Urinetown: The Musical :: Behance

Thoughtful, thought-provoking work with exceptional artists

Moving and touching, Pangdemonium programs often tackle difficult topics about what it means to be human. Over the years, artistic directors Adrian and Tracie Pang have engaged local audiences in conversations about traditionally taboo topics such as mental health, addiction and dysfunctional families, often through world-renowned works.

"Theatre should put all of us under the microscope to examine and deconstruct us so that we can better understand ourselves, and it should also be a mirror that reflects the best and worst of humanity and us .challenge yourself to change for the better," he said. Hadrian said.

Productions Le The company's 2024 releases include Falling, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Dear Evan Hansen, which will be presented at three different venues: the Singtel Waterfront Theater on the Esplanade, Theaters on the Bay, the Kewalram Chanrai (KC) Arts Center and the Victoria Theatre.


3. Singapore Repertory Theatre

Hakluyt announces partnership with the Singapore Repertory Theatre - Hakluyt

Broadway meets Singapore

Although the Singapore Repertory Theater (SRT) has produced notable original works since its inception in 1993, it is best known for presenting popular works such as " God". from Carnage and ART to the world's greatest talents such as Sir Ian McKellen, Ethan Hawke and Lea Salonga to the shores of Singapore.

“SRT has just celebrated its 30th anniversary. “For years, the magic of theater has been brought to more than 100,000 people every year,” explains artistic director Gaurav Kripalani. “I think theater plays a special role in Singapore society. It not only serves as a mirror to our lives, but also provides a profound and unique community experience.

Most shows take place at the KC Arts Center, its former home on quiet Robertson Pier. In 2024, the company will unveil a triple series of individual works, each highlighting how people can thrive despite adversity.

4. The Theater Practice

The Theatre Practice | Theatre in City Hall, Singapore

A local pioneer of bilingual theatre

With a history dating back to Singapore's independence in 1965, The Theater Practice is the largest bilingual theater institution in the country. It was co-founded by the late Cultural Medallion winners Kuo Pao Kun and his wife Goh Lay Kuan, and is now run by their daughter Kuo Jian Hong.

One “One of the key concepts that practice supports through our work is the importance of play,” shares Kuo. “Theatre (and theater) not only provides much-needed joy and pleasure through the magic of the arts and collective expression, but also has the power to challenge long-held assumptions, open critical conversations, and inspire possibilities.”

A scene from The Theater Practice's 2023 performance of Four Horse Road. Photo: Tan Ngiap Heng / The Pond Photography

Over the years, he has created a repertoire that includes original Chinese Musical songs like "Lao Jiu: The Musical" and immersive experiences like the acclaimed "Four Horse Road."

The company continues to expand the boundaries of art. involvement through projects such as Practice Tuckshop, an art space and café at the Theater Practice headquarters in the historic Bras Basah neighbourhood. There they host lunches and workshops and offer numerous opportunities for the public to participate in the arts.

5. The Finger Players

About Us — The Finger Players

Weaving stories with puppet strings

What started as a Chinese puppet department at Theater Practice in 1996 has evolved into something much bolder. The Finger Players became an independent company in 1999 to create works initially aimed at children.

In 2004 a profound change occurred in its artistic direction when The Finger Players The The company began producing productions for adults, combining different styles of puppetry with other art forms. Since then, The Finger Players has gone through several iterations in different directions.

A 2023 scene from the production of The Le Finger puppets Finger Players are fine. Photo: Benson Lim

It is now led by artistic director Oliver Chong, who aims to "make puppetry accessible to the general public, ensuring accessibility without compromising depth and "avoiding the simple market of beautiful performances and of doubles".

6. Drama Box

Drama Centre in Singapore

Community theater at its best

At the center of Drama Box's mission is the desire to engage in civic dialogue not only with art lovers, but also with those who don't like him. We usually go to the movies. That's why they are known for bring their performances to the streets and suburbs with their mobile and inflatable stages.

“Presenting and creating space for marginalized narratives, creating community contemplation "With complex themes , we want to tell stories that evoke a deeper understanding of Singapore's culture, history and identity,” says artistic director Kok Heng The one. Previous program topics include land use planning in a small town and preparing loved ones for death.

A scene from Drama Box's 2023 production of "When the Cloud Catches the Colors." Photo: Drama Box

Drama Box has also been practicing Forum theater for some time, in which the audience has the power to stop and influence the events described by the actors. As you can imagine, they create really interesting experiences.

7. Teater Ekamatra

Teater Ekamatra | Seasons

Samples of minority voices

Teater Ekamatra has deep roots in the Malaysian theater scene. For the past 35 years, he has presented work that includes the voices of ethnic minorities in his exploration of universal themes such as love, grief and identity.

“In a country where many conversations seem too strange, theater is a powerful way not only to have conversations, but also to create space to imagine and design life differently,” explains artistic director Shaza Ishak. “We are doing this to continue to push for more voices to be included in the national and international narrative. 

A scene from the 2019-2023 screening of Potong at Théâtre Ekamatra. Photo: A. Syadiq

As part of this commitment, Ekamatra provides a platform for aspiring playwrights to learn from industry veterans, thereby serving as an important incubator for new experimental works.

8. The Necessary Stage

Taking to the stage with Singapore's most fearless theatre company

Shows that highlight underrepresented people

The Necessary Stage was founded in 1987 and has presented more than 100 shows that often highlight marginalized members of society , oppressed or neglected. relationship. Directed by Cultural Medallion-winning director Alvin Tan and playwright Haresh Sharma, the works are typically intimate and deeply personal.

"Our philosophy is to" create works that explore the relationship between tradition and modernity, with a level of self-awareness that can inspire us to become better versions of ourselves,” says Tan.

A preview of The Necessary Stage's upcoming production, Oo-woo. Photo: The Necessary Stage

In addition to the high season, The Necessary Stage is also behind the annual M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, the next one taking place at the Esplanade Theater from 17 to 28 January 2024. Studio and other locations.

9. Checkpoint Theatre

About - Checkpoint Theatre

Making Space for Our Loved Ones

Audiences at Checkpoint Theater shows can expect to be drawn into a series of tender relationship dramas in a beautiful and heartwarming way. Some of his most famous original works explore the love between friends, lovers, parents and children (and the challenges they face).

“Theatre brings together the people. People . It reflects our human experiences – our innermost hopes, fears and dreams – and fosters a sense of empathy and understanding,” says associate artistic director and playwright Faith Ng. “These stories become part of our cultural fabric.”

A scene from Checkpoint Theatre's 2023 production of Session Zero. Photo: Checkpoint Theatre

Three new works will debut during the 2024 season, including Secondary: The Musical, written and composed by local musician Weish, Playing with Fire by Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips, and Hard Mode by Ng.

10. Andsoforth

AndSoForth's “Around The World In 80 Days” Interactive Dinner Lets You  "Travel" Without Leaving Singapore

A feast for the eyes and the stomach

As one of the first companies in Singapore to experiment with the dinner theater format, Andsoforth builds fantasy worlds that invite visitors to participate in the the reality corresponds to the opposite. – while enjoying a menu specially designed to fit the theme.

"Andsoforth's philosophy is centered on "Fun Dining", a unique combination of innovative gastronomy and interactive participation. says co-founder Emily Png. “We are committed to weaving engaging narratives and ensuring that every culinary adventure is not just a meal, but an engaging, fun journey that resonates with a wide audience.”

A scene from "The Adventures of Andsoforth in Grimmsneyland" also takes place in a ball pit. Photo: Andsoforth

Previous productions include "The Imaginarium of Disco David," which featured a segment in a ball pit, and "Around the World in 80 Days," which took guests on an éclair tour, where they might also dine in a train carriage.. While the next adventure has not yet been announced, the immersive dining experience will continue with a six-course omakase meal, Absurdities, at a secret location that will be announced to attendees 24 hours in advance.

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