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6 Best Nightclubs In Singapore To Dance The Night Away

6 Best Nightclubs In Singapore To Dance The Night Away

Due to the city's frenetic pace and ever-changing tastes, it's difficult to keep up with the best for keep singapore club. Singapore's nightlife has grown exponentially over the past decade, nightclubs seem to open and close regularly and even the oldest and most popular of them all, Zouk, is at risk of closing.

This list of the best clubs in Singapore is designed to help you maintain your faith in Singapore's vibrant yet ever-evolving nightlife scene. We visited the party spots in Singapore and here are the results.

1. Headquarters by the Council

Expat Choice | Headquarters by The Council

This underground club focuses on bass sounds . The council venue attracts a relaxed crowd who come to dance rather than be seen. The club is located in a discreet storefront and offers music on 2 floors. The music depends on the night, but generally includes techno, house and disco.

The ceiling is low, the interior is low and minimalist, but the sound system is high quality and the DJs are truly cutting edge. It is located at Boat Quay on the Singapore River and is open from Wednesday to Saturday.
Location: 66 Boat Quay, Singapore

Opening: Wednesday to Friday from 10pm to 3am; Saturday only, from 10pm to 4am

2. Cherry Discotheque

Cherry Discotheque Unveils A New Diner And Supper Club Concept Open Past  10.30pm

With retro decor and a fun vibe, Cherry Discotheque at It's like no other club in Singapore. The music spans the electronic spectrum, from old school hip-hop to disco (don't miss disco classics every Wednesday) and even British grime; Here you can expect a refreshing change from the excesses of conventional EDM.

Cherry Nightclub is located near Orchard, north of the most important neighborhoods party members. However, Mount Elizabeth has good heat bars.
Location: 21 Mount Elizabeth , Orchard, Singapore
Opening: Friday from 10pm to 3am and Saturday from 10am: 12pm: From 00 to 4:00. am

3. Zouk Club

Zouk Singapore Admission - Klook India

Fresh-faced eighteen-year-olds from Arrivés in their First identification, the Long-time club veterans could hardly disagree that Zouk is the best club in Singapore. It's not just the best, it's also the oldest, having opened its doors more than twenty years ago.


Located on the banks of the Singapore River, just steps from Clarke Quay, Zouk has earned a legendary status among dance music lovers with its multiple venues and zones and rigorous politics underground music and its acquired pretentious atmosphere compared to other clubs in Singapore. Entry costs around USD 20 with a free drink and is free for women on Wednesdays.More information

Location: 17 Jiak Kim Street, Singapore
Opening: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, from 9pm to 4am.


4. CANVAS Nightclub

Singapore nightclub Canvas

Canvas Nightclub in Clarke Quay specializes in technical, drum and bass, minimal and garage, as well as other artistic endeavors such as cabaret. Canvas now operates as an art gallery during the day and has managed to maintain an underground atmosphere at night, hosting quality local and international names to gain a loyal following. Read more

Location: 20 Upper Circular Road, The Riverwalk B1-01/06 Singapore

Open: Tuesday to Saturday (closed Sunday and Monday)

5. Attica (Clarke Quay)

An After-hour Guide To Clarke Quay: 11 Clubs To Party The Night Away

If you like traditional dance music and love the nightlife of Clarke Quay, then Attica is the perfect place to experience some of the best . Elle Club. In Singapore. It's packed every night and there's a nice party atmosphere from Wednesday to Saturday.

Although some may complain that "Attica is a bit tacky and it's a 'seen' place, the interior is fantastic and sometimes international names like Paul Oakenfold are guests here. It's also huge and if you get tired of the party-pop soundtrack of the main room, you can easily move on to the more underground areas of hip-hop, house and electronica. $30 admission + 2 free drinks (free for women on Wednesdays). More information

Location: 3A River Valley Road, Singapore

Opening: Wednesday to Saturday, 10pm to 3am ( Saturday, 4:00)

6. Tanjong Beach Club

Events Calendar — Tanjong Beach Club

As night falls, especially on weekends, Tanjong Beach Club in Sentosa really comes to life. They host the popular Smack My Beach Up parties every Sunday and participate in the Full Steam Ahead moon parties three times a year. It's not exactly Koh Phangan, but you can still expect plenty of alcohol and live DJs playing until the early hours of the morning. Word of warning: take a taxi home from Sentosa Island at 3am. It's not fun, so book your taxi number in advance.Read more

Location: 20 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa Island, Singapore
Open: Monday to Friday, 11am to 4pm; from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 22:00; and Saturday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. M. until 10pm

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