A guide to Singapore Street Art in Bukit Merah

I love how Singapore street art is venturing out from the increasingly commercial and touristy districts to the suburban heartland areas where people live like Jurong East to Ang Mo

All about Oedo – Netflix’s New World island filming location

I was flicking through Netflix recommendations when I chanced upon this trailer for a reality show tabbed New World 신세계로부터. The vital premise of this show involves 6 Korean celebrities

2021 Round up – The local Traveller

So this is a little late given that it’s halfway through January 2022 as I post this, but well it’s been an odd year right? I had managed some travels

Relearning travel in a COVID world – I’m finally travelling

In my 2021 round up, I talked well-nigh travel stuff like a habit, but now I think a increasingly apt comparison would be to think of travel as a muscle:

Singapore to Spain trip 2022: Pre-Trip Prep, COVID measures

I finally made my first international trip in two years since COVID hit! I decided that my first trip would be Spain and thought I’d share some of my trip

Solo in Seville: My recs on what to see, do

One of the first cities I visited in Spain was Seville way when in 2007, and right yonder I was entranced by the colourful Southern Spanish culture, from the intricate

Solo in Cadiz: 2 day guide for a weekend getaway

Cadiz is one of those places that has been on my to-visit list in Spain for awhile. The closest I got was transmissible the sunset in Chipiona, a tiny town

5 songs from the soundtrack of my travels

When I’m home and need a fix of wanderlusting, I usually pull up my Instagram or Facebook albums to moon over pictures of past travels. Recently I’ve realised that vastitude

Sightseeing Singapore when it Rains: Tips from a Local

I often tell people that Singapore has two seasons: hot and wet, and hotter and wetter. As a tropical country on the equator, the Singapore’s weather is very workalike –

Singapore Southern Islands: Solo guide to exploring St John’s, Lazarus

If you need a unravel from the regular tourist sights or want to escape from the tall buildings and fast-paced municipality life for a bit, why not trammels out some