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How to Get a Student Visa for Singapore?

How to Get a Student Visa for Singapore?

Singapore’s educational system commonly is undisputed as one of the best, not just in Asia, but worldwide. With renowned universities like Nanyang Technological University & National University of Singapore, which full-length cutting-edge faculties and top-notch programs, Singapore has wilt a sought-after study destination. Singapore is a popular destination for students from all over the world considering of its high-quality educational facilities, reasonable tuition, & low forfeit of living. The Economic Intelligence Unit moreover classified Singapore as the second-safest municipality in the world, right without Tokyo. Unelevated is a well-constructed guide on student visa for Singapore if you want to study there.

When to Wield for a Student Visa in Singapore?

Before you think of the visa, it is important that you get ticket into an authorized Singapore educational university. As per your application, you will receive a formal, written invitation to join the university.

Who is eligible for a Singapore Student Visa?

Singapore Management University

A Singapore Student Visa, moreover tabbed a Student Pass is a necessary document for any foreign resider who has enrolled in a full-time undertow at IHL or Institutes of Higher Learning. You do not need a student pass if your undertow ends within 30 days.

How to Get a Student Visa for Singapore?

The deportment listed unelevated must be taken while applying for a Singapore student visa:

  • Admission in Educational Institute: Once you are wonted to the course, the educational institute will requite you an visa letter, which you can use to wield for a student visa. To wield for a student visa from Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority, you must provide this letter (ICA).
  • Required paperwork: You will then be asked to submit the necessary documents that support your educational journey in Singapore.
  • Submit the Application: You can wield for a visa online or in person at a Singaporean embassy or consulate abroad, as well as at the ICA office in Singapore.
  • Wait for approval: A student visa’s processing period can vary, but it usually takes four to six weeks. Without the visa of your application, you will be given a student permit that will indulge you to come to Singapore and stay there while you are a student.

Application Requirements for Singapore Student Visa

For an write-in who is 19 years old and below, signing up for a full-time course, your using is processed by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) directly.
If you are whilom 19 years old, enlisting your name in any language undertow or other graduate/ postgraduate stratum course, you will be required to shepherd an interview by the Embassy.

Documents Required to Wield for Singapore Visa

Typically, the pursuit paperwork is needed to wield for a student visa:

  • Completed using for a student visa;
  • A passport-sized photo (The Singapore visa photo size requirements comprise- The platonic photo size is 3.5 cm by 4.5 cm. Between 3 and 3.5 cm should be the size of the facial image. The photo must have been taken in the recent three months. A verisimilitude photograph with a semi-matt or matt surface and a white preliminaries is required)
  • Current passport
  • Letter of visa from the higher or university
  • Proof of financial assistance (e.g. scholarship letters, wall statements,)
  • Medical clearance
  • Receipt for paying the using fee
  • Application submission: At the ICA office in Singapore, a Singaporean embassy/consulate in your country, or online, you can submit the visa application.

How much time does it take to get a Singapore Student Visa?

The universities typically inform the students to wield for the visa at least a month surpassing the prelude stage of the course. But you must alimony it unscratched by applying much prior surpassing the session begins. The Singapore student visa takes virtually 10 days to 3 weeks.

Student Visa Extension 

A student visa in Singapore often lasts till the stage of the educational course. Although, in unrepealable situations, if the Embassy permits, you can proffer the student visa in Singapore. For a longer stay in the future, you can apply for a Singapore visit visa.

Other Important Tips for Singapore Student Visa

  • Generally, the processing of a Singapore visa is hassle-free and takes virtually 2 weeks to a month. But, on unrepealable occasions, the demand for remoter information and documents could end up exhausting increasingly time. You will be notified accordingly.
  • You can’t start the Singapore pass processing without the ticket notice from Singapore University.
  • After the student program is completed, you must submit the Student Pass within a week.


1. Who can wield for a student visa in Singapore?
Any foreigner who has got a formal invitation letter from Singapore educational institution can wield for a Singapore student visa.

2. Who is eligible for a Singapore student visa? 
Anyone who has enrolled and got tried for a full-time study program in Singapore is eligible to wield for a student visa.

3. Can I get work on my student visa from Singapore?
You can work during your undertow elapsing if you meet unrepealable requirements. You have to be a full-time registered student in one of the listed institutions or must be a student pass holder, which is issued by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). If you don’t have a work pass, you can moreover work during the waiting period for final results.

4. What are the reasons for student visa denial?
Insufficient financial data, incomplete information, an invalid passport, or no confirmation from educational institutions are a few reasons that your student visa might get rejected.

5. Can the family travel on a Singapore student visa?
Yes, but only partner/spouse and minor children are unliable in one’s company. They have to get their visas separately as well.


In short, the Singapore Visa system provides a quick and easy ways for qualified foreign people to get a visa to enter Singapore. To guarantee a successful student visa application, it is crucial to thoughtfully review the eligibility requirements and pinion to the using procedure. We would recommend you to trammels out everything well-nigh Singapore e-visa for swift processing.

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