5 Restaurants in Upper Thomson, Singapore That Will Give You Value for Money

The first thing which comes to mind when you consider Upper Thomson is undoubtedly food. The enclave’s mix of local eateries, tomfool cafes, must-try restaurants, & late-night hangouts makes for unconfined eats. This heartland neighbourhood is platonic for weekend brunch, supper gatherings, and everything in between, as it is tropical to untried spaces such as Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park & MacRitchie Reservoir.

Upper Thomson Road in fact is well-known for the incredible variety of restaurants that line its length. Aside from a plethora of local cuisine & supper establishments, there are moreover a plethora of cafes from which to kick back, relax, and people watch! Here are the weightier Upper Thomson cafes to visit by booking your Singapore visa. Just unwind with a nice cup of tea or indulge in succulent Instagrammable brunches.

Top 5 Value for Money Restaurants in Upper Thomson, Singapore

There is no specific time for catch-up sessions and gatherings with friends and family. It is the visitor that counts, whether it’s over a cup of whiffy coffee at a cafĂ© or mouthwatering dishes in restaurants & small-scale eateries. With the recent surge in cafĂ©s withal Upper Thomson, as well as the once popular supplies joints present, one is sure to enjoy a hearty meal at any of the eateries on the list that too without urgent a slum in their pocket.

Here are some restaurants where you can expect a fine dining wits and take pleasure of sumptuous meals with family and friends.

1. Bangkok Street Mookata

Bangkok Street Mookata Singaporeimage credit: eatdiarybyrach.com

Are you a fan of non-vegetarian cuisine? If so, you should visit Bangkok Street Mookata for sampling some meat dishes. If you are present in the neighbourhood, stop by for an affordable & succulent meal. It is a clean, refrigerated space with professional service. The weightier part is that the supplies is reasonably priced. If you like meat, don’t miss out on this Upper Thomson Road establishment.

Timings of Bangkok Street Mookata
The restaurant is unshut from
12 to 3pm and
5 to 11pm

2. Sembawang Hills Supplies Centre

Sembawang Hills Supplies Centre Singaporeimage credit: danielfooddiary.com

This is a popular dining destination in the Upper Thomson region, as well as among locals. For years, people have come here to enjoy sumptuous breakfasts and other meals. You will find a reasonable value of people inside the restaurant at any time of day. A wide variety of stalls selling various dishes can be found here. As a result, you have a gamut of options to pick from. This location is busiest during lunchtime.

Timings of Sembawang Hills Supplies Centre
The restaurant is unshut from 6am-9pm.

3. Plum Village

Plum Village Singaporeimage credit: hungryonion.org

Plum Village is a well-known Hakka restaurant in Upper Thomson where you can enjoy that ultimate Hakka experience. Considering this place is so popular, make a reservation at least a day in advance. Not only is the supplies delicious, yet the portions too are moreover generous. You will undoubtedly enjoy wool value for money here. The service is excellent, while the staff is super ruminative and vigilant. It is usually crowded at dinnertime.

Timings of Plum Village
The restaurant is unshut from
11:30am to 2:30pm
6pm to 10pm

4. Eat@taipei Restaurant


This is a well-known Kallang restaurant that serves delectable Taiwanese cuisine. This Kallang Wave eatery offers so many delicacies that you will be spoiled for choice. Oyster Omelette & Crispy Fried Yellow Pops, two popular Taiwanese street foods, never goof to impress diners. Other must-order dishes at this restaurant include Oyster Mee Sua with Pig’s Intestines, Spring Onion Pancake, Matcha Soft Serve Toast, Braised Pork Belly Noodles, & Fried Tofu.

5. The Summerhouse

wildseed cafe

The Summerhouse is flipside Seletar airport eatery worth visiting. Poppy Flora Studio, Wildseed Cafe & Bar, Nomad the Gallant, Dining Room, and a Balcony Bar are all part of this massive bungalow. Dining in this Seletar restaurant truly is an unforgettable wits that you should not miss if you visit Seletar. This establishment’s overall diamond is quite swish & elegant. In fact the delicacies served in this restaurant are prepared with fresh ingredients grown on local farms. Tajima Chuck Tender Steak accompanied with Shiraz Reduction, Toh Thye San Farm, and many other dishes are must-orders at this restaurant.

Try Indian Cuisines Too in Upper Thomson

One of the weightier things well-nigh Indian eateries in Upper Thomson indeed is the variety of dishes they serve. When you visit an Indian restaurants, you can be confident that there unchangingly will be something for everyone. This makes it easier for people who cannot eat spicy supplies or have allergies considering most restaurants offer a variety of vegetarian, gluten-free, & dairy-free meals. You moreover have a lot of options when it comes to meat, so whether you want yellow over mutton/fish over beef, you will never be bored at your local restaurant. Flipside full-length we fathom well-nigh these restaurants is their wide-stretching menus, which commonly include both northern & southern Indian specialties to showcase the country’s diversity. Overall, Indian eateries in Upper Thomson provide a variety of options, and we highly recommend you try one if you have not already. Some of the must try Indian restaurants here include Daawat Tandoori, Spice Sutra Restaurant and CafĂ©, The Roti Prata House, Karu’s Indian Banana Leaf, Shami Banana Leaf Delights, Sin Ming Roti Prata, Devagi’s Restaurant and CafĂ©, Tandoori Corner North Indian Curry House, Casuarina Curry, and Indian Express.

Bottom Line

Many consider the Upper Thomson territory to be a foodie’s paradise; you will never overly go hungry here. In fact with so many supplies options to segregate from and a plethora of eateries that stay unshut late, you will never fall short of options no matter the time of day. Upper Thomson in short is hands one’s favourite neighbourhoods to stuff themselves silly at, with everything from the local delights to increasingly posh fare & a smorgasbord of ice surf parlours and cafes. The supplies scene in this municipality is quite dynamic, with restaurants opening and latter throughout the year. If you are unsure where to begin, hopefully this list will help.

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