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Where to Stay When Travel in Rajasthan

Where to Stay When Travel in Rajasthan

The land overcrowded with royalty surrounding splendid places is the trappy Rajasthan. Words can’t pinpoint the glories of Rajasthan, only when you visit here, you can finger its exclusiveness. And to wits the joy of a stunning place, you need a well-appointed stay. This will double your fun, as repletion is all we alimony searching for. So, if you are looking for where to stay in Rajasthan, this vendible is for you.

We have covered some of the best hotels that will amp up your wits in this royal state. From heritage stay to luxury suit and budget-friendly hotels, we have all the types of stay listed within your budget. 

Explore Rajasthan with a well-appointed hotel stay experience

There’s nothing increasingly peaceful than resting on a well-appointed bed complimented with trappy decor. Away from home, some hotels make you finger like you are in paradise. If you have a question, well-nigh where to stay in Rajasthan on a holiday, the list of many hotels may misplace you.

So, to make your job easy and help you concentrate on your trip plans, we are here to do your research work. Alimony reading superiority to know where to stay in Rajasthan. Your list is here!

Taj Lake Palace

The Taj Lake Palace is one of the luxury hotels in Rajasthan. If you are ready to splurge on a plush hotel to imbibe exquisite royalty, then Taj Lake Palace is your place.

This hotel is located in Udaipur, floating on Lake Pichola. Their service is excellent, and the supplies is just outstanding. This place is sure to make you finger like a king/ queen. 

Tree House Resort

An sectional property to ignite your romance is Tree House Resort. It maintains its eco-friendly environment, and at the same time offers the weightier luxury.

Away from the municipality mayhem, this property located in Jaipur is a quaint place. As you go walking virtually the property, you will finger tropical to nature. There are waterfalls, and natural vegetation surrounding Tree House Property, and the view of the Aravalli Ranges from your room is kicks to your eyes. 

Rambagh Palace

One of the weightier 5-star hotels in Rajasthan is Rambagh Palace. A bit pricey, but if you want to finger the royal vibe in Jaipur, Rambagh Palace is your destination.

You will get the finest surroundings and the weightier premium luxe at Rambagh Palace. It is not just a Palace hotel but a heaven on earth.

Jaiwana Haveli

If you are looking for budget-friendly hotels in Rajasthan, then Jaiwana Haveli is your destination. It is the weightier hotel to typesetting with your family or for your honeymoon.

This property is located in Udaipur, and its lake-facing view is serene. It moreover has a roof-top restaurant, where you can enjoy lake view and savour pure Rajasthani cuisine. 

Thar Vilas

Once you enter Thar Vilas in Jaisalmer, we bet you won’t finger like coming out. Thar Vilas pinpoint luxury and royalty. When you are in Thar Vilas, there is everything inside the hotel for your entertainment that you will plane forget going out for sightseeing places.

Amid the desert of Rajasthan is the Thar Vilas, and the swimming pool, and manicured garden compliment the overall request of this villa. Moreover, at night, you can enjoy folk music and dance. 

Bottom Line

So, now that you are enlightened of where to stay in Rajasthan, it’s time to pack your tons and typesetting tickets soon. To get a well-constructed tour package at the most budget-friendly price, you can contact Japji Travel. We help you wits the weightier of Rajasthan within your budget. 


1) Which are the weightier palace hotels in Rajasthan?

The weightier palace hotels in Rajasthan are:
1. Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur
2. Rambagh Palace, Jaipur
3. Rajmahal Palace, Jaipur
4. Suryagarh, Jaisalmer
5. Umaid Bhawan, Jodhpur

2) Which are the weightier places to travel in Rajasthan?

The weightier places to travel in Rajasthan are:
1. Jaipur
2. Pushkar
3. Udaipur
4. Jodhpur
5. Jaisalmer
6. Bikaner
7. Kota
8. Mount Abu
9. Ajmer
10. Chittorgarh

3) Are palace hotels haunted in Rajasthan?

Not all palace hotels are haunted in Rajasthan. Many people have a very good wits in palace hotels. And their staff is unchangingly ruminative and zestful to help its guests.

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