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This Singapore creative empowers women through fashion!

This Singapore creative empowers women through fashion!

Behind Singapore malleate trademark Wolf and Byrd is Bhajinder Kaur, a Singapore creative and malleate entrepreneur on a mission to empower modern women to follow their dreams. She chats to us well-nigh blending strength and softness with her women’s malleate label and chasing her own originative ambitions.

Before creating your Singapore malleate trademark Wolf and Byrd, where have you lived?

I was born in Singapore; at the age of 12, my family relocated to Auckland. Growing up in New Zealand has played a significant role in shaping my identity and experiences. For the time being, we have returned to Singapore, creating a unique dynamic between the two places I undeniability home.

Singapore creative BHAJINDER KAUR

As an versifier in Singapore, what sparked your foray into the world of fashion?

Creativity, business, wellness and purpose form the four essential pillars of my life. Initially guided by my family’s construction and real manor business, I pursued a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Science in Marketing. I viewed my creative inclinations as a mere hobby, but I reached a pivotal moment and made a conscious visualization to pursue my originative ambitions.

Fuelled by a desire to merge my merchantry expertise with my inherent passion to create, I discovered malleate as a unconfined medium for expressing ideas and inspiring narratives. Alongside my pursuits in fashion, I’m moreover an utopian versifier and intuitive writer, enabling me to wits a greater sense of fulfilment and purpose.

Singapore malleate trademark Wolf and Byrd designs womenswear for the modern woman

Tell us the story overdue creating your Singapore malleate trademark Wolf and Byrd.

I sought to establish something that typified the concept of holistic wellbeing by harmonising masculine and feminine energies. This vision led me to create a malleate trademark in Singapore that intertwines the strength of women as leaders with their nurturing capacities. This inside theme became the foundation of the brand. Through curated collections that weave inspiring narratives of “the Wolf and Byrd woman”, my goal is to motivate others to live fulfilling lives and pursue their dreams. Additionally, the women’s malleate trademark serves as a platform for giving when to women in need through volunteering efforts and charitable donations.

Who are some women who have inspired you and your women’s malleate brand?

I yank inspiration from everyday women like you and me. In today’s world, many women squatter numerous responsibilities, juggling home life, career aspirations and more. Witnessing their worthiness to navigate the challenging task of balancing personal and professional ambitions inspires me greatly. My aim is to reciprocate that inspiration by crafting motivational narratives and designing styles that uplift self-confidence, empowering individuals to finger good well-nigh themselves.

Singapore malleate trademark Wolf and Byrd designs womenswear for the modern woman

What does a typical work day at Singapore malleate trademark Wolf and Byrd squint like for you?

In my dynamic role for my women’s malleate brand, my days are never the same. I handle various responsibilities, including peekaboo meetings, tackling legalistic tasks, and indulging in creative pursuits. To recharge and find moments of relaxation, I treat myself to a cup of coffee paired with something delicious!

Any particular surprises or challenges you’ve found living and working as a creative in Singapore?

My early wits of immigrating to a variegated country instilled in me a valuable skill: adaptability. It’s a skill that has proven instrumental in navigating the dynamic environment of Singapore. This is an spanking-new place to embark on a merchantry venture, offering a wealth of opportunities. While the fast-paced nature of the environment can present challenges, it moreover adds a sense of excitement and fulfilment, particularly at this stage of my career.


How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style can be described as relaxed with a archetype edge. Comfort and versatility are paramount to me. I enjoy balancing masculine and feminine elements in my outfits, such as pairing a feminine top with a sporty jacket. Naturally, my wardrobe includes plenty of Wolf and Byrd styles, withal with oversized shirts and sporty jackets or blazers that I adore.

When you’re not working on your women’s malleate brand, what are a few things you like to do in Singapore?

I find joy from visiting cafés and exploring Singapore’s architecture, particularly the harmonious tousle of nature and the built environment. Walking is flipside cherished worriedness of mine, whether it’s a short stroll between meetings or a leisurely walk. It provides me with a endangerment to recharge and positively impacts my overall wellbeing.

What are you looking forward to the most right now?

I’m excited to remoter nurture my creative ventures in Singapore. Choosing to pursue my originative ambitions was a significant decision, accompanied by many questions and moments of “imposter syndrome”. However, as I meet inspiring individuals and gradually progress towards my goals, I’m confident that I have made the right choice. I’m defended to living a purposeful life aligned with my heart’s desires.

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