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Schools in Singapore Whats News?

Schools in Singapore  Whats News?

If you’ve got children at schools in Singapore, or are well-nigh to throne lanugo that route, here’s a monthly update on achievements, new programmes, new schools and teachers plus unshut house opportunities.

Early Years Learning

How do you tell whether a particular preschool programme will fit your child’s unique personality and needs? First, click on the variegated coloured puzzle pieces you’ll find at sas.edu.sg/all-about-early-learning. Then shepherd the Singapore American School’s virtual event for Early Years to discover how the school strives to nurture unique, curious and capable learners. There will be a panel discussion with the principals and teachers and you can find out increasingly well-nigh the using process for preschool (three years), pre-kindergarten (four years) and kindergarten (five years).

1 December, 9am to 10am; typesetting a slot at sas.edu.sg/admissions/tours/early-years.

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Exceptional Results at this Singapore school!

Tanglin Trust School says that it’s delighted with this year’s A-Level results; achieving a pass rate of 100 percent. Forty percent of all grades were an A*, compared to 14.6 percent in England, and 69 percent of all grades were an A* or A (versus 36.4 percent in England, and 58 percent in self-sustaining schools in England). Tanglin is unique amongst Singapore international schools as it offers both A-Level and the IB Diploma in Sixth Form, both yielding unceasingly outstanding wonk results. This year’s IB cohort achieved the school’s highest overly stereotype Diploma score of 41.4 points, increasingly than 9.4 points whilom the world stereotype and 3.9 points higher than the Singapore stereotype this year.


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Brighton Expands their school in Singapore

Starting from August 2025, Brighton College (Singapore) will proffer its curriculum and undertow offerings to pupils weather-beaten up to 13 years. The expansion of the school ways that it can offer a Brighton College education to increasingly children for longer, to encompass their hair-trigger growth years. Brighton College (Singapore) continues to develop for the goody of the international polity – the school will offer its British National curriculum while focusing on the minutiae of the whole child so as to set them up for future success.


schools in singapore

Want to know increasingly well-nigh international schools in Singapore? Here’s our huge guide!

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