Home Lifestyle Increase your space with sofa beds, wall beds and more!

Increase your space with sofa beds, wall beds and more!

Increase your space with sofa beds, wall beds and more!

With the recent rent hikes, many people have had to move into a home with a much smaller footprint for the same value of money. If you’re in that predicament, here’s how you can enjoy increasingly space by furnishing your new home using space-saving furniture like bunk beds with sedentary areas, versatile tables, wall beds and sofa beds in Singapore.

Conventional furniture has a habit of hogging our space 24/7. Yet many items – dining tables stuff a archetype example – are only used for a few hours a day. By making your space increasingly fluid with space-saving furniture, you could do increasingly with less, and save a hefty value on rent in the process.

We asked MATTHEW LEVIN, co-founder of Spaceman, Singapore’s leader in space-saving furniture, how to go well-nigh it. He says there are three areas where Spaceman helps customers to save space, with products that are hands dismantled and moved with you when you relocate.

#1 Coffee and dinner on the same table

“We only use a dining table for a few hours a day at the most,” says Matthew, “and some people might not plane use it every day. Yet we double our living zone to make space for it.” Instead, he suggests using a multi-function dining table that can be shrunk lanugo to a panel or coffee table when not in use. “You can then self-ruling up all that space that the dining table steals. At the same time, you can still retain maximum options for entertaining. A panel table can have five variegated sizes in one unit, for example. Flexibility is key!”

space saving furniture coffee table and dining table
This extends from a coffee table to a dining table

We were impressed to find that using smart furniture like this doesn’t midpoint compromising on style, with some really stunning Italian designs in the Spaceman collection, including solid wood, ceramic and cutting-edge finishes.

#2 Wall beds and sofa beds

The second zone that Matthew highlights is the spare bedroom. He says, “Guest rooms take up space that is infrequently used. If you need a study to work from home, then stop that bed from hogging space. Turn your guest room into a study using a wall bed or sedentary bed like Slumberdesk. Likewise, you could use a Murphy bed in the master bedroom to create space you can use during the day.”

wall bed sofa beds in singapore

Another option, he says, is to do yonder with a spare room altogether. Offer your guests a sofa bed instead! “Sofa beds have come a long way so it’s no longer a second-rate choice. With a real mattress up to 20cm thick (and options including memory foam), you can offer your guests a good night’s sleep. These come in a range of handmade Italian designs and you will still have a gorgeous and well-appointed sofa.”

wall bed sofa beds in singapore
Slumbersofa Groove

Sofa beds offer a remarkably flexible option. At Spaceman, they come in six sizes, from single to king size, plus-twin beds, and plane sofa bunk beds. Also, there are numerous designs available, ranging from archetype to funky. They can be customised to add uneaten seats, a chaise longue, or footstools, like any other made-to-order sofa.

Finally, you can segregate from hundreds of fabric and leather options to match the squint to your interior scheme.

#3 Create space in the bedrooms with bunk beds

bunk beds and desks wall bed sofa beds in singapore wall beds and sofa beds in singapore wall beds and bunk beds

“And through the use of bunk beds, Murphy beds and plane Murphy bunk beds (wall beds) that fold yonder to create space, you can combine kids into less rooms, and less rooms ways less rent!”

Spaceman offers customisation for maximum use of space. Simply bring withal your floor plan for a complimentary one-hour consultation in the store. The rest is Italian smarts and style for a larger and brighter home yonder from home.

The Spaceman Showroom is at 259 Lavender Street (By visit only) with parking nearby.
6527 2271 | WhatsApp 8784 3680
store@spaceman.com | spaceman.com



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