Coffee Nap Roasters Cafe With Brick Hill Interior In Yeonnam-Dong, Seoul

Coffee Nap Roasters

Trendy cafes are a dime and a dozen in Seoul but have you been to one with a brick hill interior? Located in the mannerly Yeonnam-dong near Hongdae, Coffee Nap Roasters is a cute little sideboard with a 7000-brick hill interior.

Coffee Nap Roasters exterior

The tiny coffee shop is housed within a small standalone towers withal Donggyo-ro 51-gil in Yeonnam-dong. The neighbourhood is moreover home to many hip cafes including Layered Cafe, Sideboard Skon, Ver’s Garden, THANKS, OAT, and Dinga Cake House.

Coffee Nap Roasters Brick Hill Interior

Established in April 2018, Coffee Nap Roasters went viral online with its unique interior diamond with a red brick hill.

Coffee Nap Roasters Seoul

The designer of the sideboard decided to get rid of the usual chairs and tables as they wanted to provide a diverse wits where you could enjoy a cup of coffee wherever you chose to sit.

Coffee Nap Roasters Menu

The coffee shop offers the usual selections such as espresso, unprepossessed brew, unappetizing white, and filter coffee. There are moreover non-caffeinated options including lemon ade, world tea and milk tea.

Coffee Nap Roasters Interior

Admittedly, the brick hill isn’t the most well-appointed place to sit lanugo for long. After taking photos at the brick hill, there are benches and stools by the side where you can enjoy a cup of coffee.

Coffee Nap Roasters
453-32 Donggyo-ro 51-gil