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6 Reasons to Book These Beach Villas!

6 Reasons to Book These Beach Villas!

Wakatobi Resort in southeast Sulawesi is home to a marine paradise that’s renowned among divers and snorkellers. It’s moreover a trappy resort in Indonesia to stay at. In particular, the one- and two-bedroom waterfront villas come with uneaten benefits so you can maximise your time in paradise. Here are some highlights of this Indonesian island resort!

#1 Nature-infused waterfront villas

While Wakatobi’s pretty bungalows are tucked yonder in oceanfront palm groves, the waterfront villas are located on a low trickster at the quiet northern end of the property. Guests here can wits well-constructed privacy. At the same time, it’s within easy walking loftiness of all the suavities on offer at the resort.

The one- and two-bedroom villas are built from rich woods and sculpted stonework crafted by local artisans. Their designs moreover include ocean-view decks and a tousle of indoor and outdoor spaces that showcase the pristine natural surroundings. Taking a dip is as easy as walking lanugo a short set of private steps into crystal-clear waters.

The Asian-style shower gardens promote relaxation, and the two-bedroom villas moreover include pools and ocean-view soak tubs.

Beach Villas Wakatobi

#2 Waterfront villas with a personalised touch

What really sets these waterfront villas untied is the widow personal touch. All guests of this resort in Indonesia are welcomed with warm and ruminative service, of course, but a villa package elevates the vacation experience. For example, villa guests are provided with personal stewards known as Private Resort Wits Managers. These hospitality professionals are unchangingly on undeniability to unify anything. That includes in-room massages, days trip to quiet islands, private beachfront dinner, and bird-watching jaunts and cultural tours to local villages.

All guests can have a private dinner on the waterfront organised upon request. And, with the Premier Villa Package, you’ll moreover enjoy the likes of daily spa treatments and a private boat.

Beach Villas Wakatobi Indonesian island resort

#3 Watersports for all month and levels

In keeping with Wakatobi’s reputation as one a premier diving and snorkelling resort in Indonesia, and indeed the world, villa guests moreover enjoy the services of a Private Swoop and Snorkel Wits Manager. These personal attendants are trained and certified swoop masters and instructors and will guide guests with variegated wits levels through any in-water activities.

For families with younger children and guests who are new to diving and snorkelling, working with a private guide is the weightier way to discover the vibrant reefs with the greatest stratum of repletion and safety

Indonesian island resort for diving

#4 Private boat

The resort’s premier villa package adds the daily use of a private wend and crew. This spare perk ways you can create your own itinerary for diving or snorkelling within Wakatobi’s private marine preserve. You can moreover visit an uninhabited island and enjoy a private catered lunch. Alternatively, opt for breakfast aboard the wend for an early start to the day. Plus, whether you’re a diver or a snorkeller, you’ll fathom the expertise of the resort’s guides who are skilled at locating and pointing out the many rare and colourful species of marine life found on the reefs here.

Resort in Indonesia - private boat

#5 Night dives

Diving is scenic unbearable on a sunny day, but descending into the depths without the sun goes lanugo is a next-level experience. For guests who are once involved in diving, the villa packages include a unique fluorescent night diving wits and the use of a professional level underwater camera system.

#6 Bali arrangements

The waterfront villa vacation wits moreover includes concierge-level travel services. For instance, when you victorious in Bali from your Singapore flight, you’ll be greeted by a representative who handles all the details of your transfers, plus arrangements in Bali if required, such as overnight stays and plane day tours with a Wakatobi tour guide.

On the morning of the flight to Wakatobi, you can relax with a self-ruling meal at the popular Revolver restaurant surpassing boarding a uncontrived lease flight to the resort’s private airstrip. From that point on, your villa wits at the Indonesian island resort begins. It’ll kick-start what may well be one of your weightier vacations ever!

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