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Ex-Mistress must return $9 million to married businessman, says court

Ex-Mistress must return $9 million to married businessman, says court

An ex-mistress must return $9 million to a married businessman she had an affair with, after the man sued her in court. He wanted a condminium, a Mercedes Benz and millions in cash returned after their affair ended and sued her in court, saying that she was only holding onto the cash and properties in trust.

The two met on a plane ride while the man was on a business trip and she was a flight attendant.

Who are these people?

According to a report from The Straits Times, the former mistress and flight attendant known as Wang Fang began a relationship with wealthy businessman Xu Zhigang (who was in his 40s) after they met on a flight in 2011, and remained in contact afterwards.

Even before their liaison started, and Zhigang was wooing her to become his mistress, he gave her free use of his ATM card and encouraged her to withdraw money from his salary account. He used to be a majority shareholder for Eastport Petrochemical (Singapore).

His monthly income of $20,000 would go into the account he gave her access to.

They began their affair formally in February 2014, and from then until they broke up in November 2017, she received numerous gifts, cash, and opportunities from Zhigang.

Zhigang had bought Fang a $3 million condominium at the Interlace for her birthday, and also asked her to pick out a Mercedes Benz for her to use. He also transferred a large amount of money twice–totalling US$9.6 million (S$13 million) to Ms Wang Fang, in July 2014 and February 2015. 

He also transferred money to her between 2012 and 2013 to pay for the car and the condominium that he bought for her. Her name appeared on the purchase documents.

Fang also received $10,000 a month when Zhigang hired her for his company in April 2014 and June 2016. According to the same report, she did not perform any substantive work for Eastport.

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How close were they?

The same report said that Fang had even taken Zhigang to meet her family for Chinese New Year in February 2014. But she had also discovered another woman in his life (aside from wife, presumably) at the time. The other woman was named Wang Cong and worked for Eastport as well. He told Fang that he had stopped seeing her.

What happened to this millionaire and ex-mistress court case?

The Straits Times reported that Zhigang had sued Fang to recover the condominium, car, and monies that he transferred to her throughout the course of their affair. His reasoning to the court was that he only wanted her to hold on to these in trust for various reasons related to his business, and that her name appeared in the documents for convenience’s sake.

He said that he transferred such large amounts of money to shield his assets from the downturn of his businesses in China. She said that the condominium and car were given to her as gifts especially after she mentioned her birthday days before they bought them together.

The judge ruled that the woman could keep the condominium and the car, but must return the cash.

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