Home Food & Drinks 7 Best Chilli Crab In Singapore (2024)

7 Best Chilli Crab In Singapore (2024)

7 Best Chilli Crab In Singapore (2024)

Chilli crab is a flat out must-attempt in the event that you're visiting Singapore and searching for a dish that is both conventional and scrumptious. This fish dish highlights sautéed crab canvassed in a sweet, flavorful, and hot tomato-based sauce, generally served close by steamed or broiled mantou (buns).

Positioned at number 35 on CNN Go's rundown of the World's 50 most delightful food varieties in 2021, chilli crab is a famous dish that no explorer ought to miss during their culinary investigation of Singapore.

To guarantee you appreciate the best kinds of this awesome dish, here are the 7 best bean chilli crab eateries in Singapore [updated 2024] that you ought to think about visiting.

1. Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

JUMBO Group – Famous seafood restaurant group in Singapore

Enormous Fish, eminent for its live fish ready in Singaporean style, has north of twenty years of involvement with fulfilling nearby and global foodies.

The eatery highly esteems ceaselessly making particular menu things to take care of various preferences. One of Kind sized's honor winning dishes is the enthusiastically suggested bean chilli crab, which has prevailed upon numerous local people.


Exemplary chilli crab: The characterizing element of the style and taste of bean chilli crab at a fish eatery is without a doubt the stew sauce. Gigantic's stew sauce, which is thick, sweet, and somewhat hot, satisfies its standing as an exemplary form. Contrasted with other chilli crab dishes, Kind sized's sauce is generally gentle in heat, pursuing it an extraordinary decision for those with Western palates.

In a tasteful feel: The first rate bean chilli crab at Enormous Fish makes certain to make bystanders desirous. Situated by the riverside in Boat Quay, the café offers shocking perspectives on the Singapore Waterway and its blend of old port designs and current high rises. Open air seating gives an ideal spot to take in the luminous reflections on the water, the twakow boats, and the smart supporters. For a more happy with eating experience, the cooled inside is an extraordinary choice.

2. Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

Home | Long Beach Seafood

Long Ocean side Fish Eatery has for quite some time been a fish heaven for Singaporeans, having earned various culinary honors for serving the best and freshest fish.

While its unique area at 1018 East Coast Expressway does not exist anymore, the legend of their popular chilli crab and dark pepper crab lives on at their different outlets


A zesty rendition of bean chilli crab: In the event that you seriously love bean stew flavored fish, Long Ocean side's chilli crab is a must-attempt. What separates it from others is the serious degree of zestiness in the dish. The sauce is a faultless mix of pleasantness, pungency, and fieriness that impeccably supplements the mantou. Yet, the star of the dish is without a doubt the actual crab. The delicious, new tissue will leave you needing more."

Best positions for dark pepper crab: Rumors have spread far and wide suggesting that the popular dish of dark pepper crab was first made by a skilled culinary expert at Long Ocean side. From that point forward, this dish has turned into a mark thing on their menu, procuring the café an exceptional standing among burger joints. Presented with a flawlessly covered layer of fragrant and tasty dark pepper sauce, each crab is a delicious treat, with the flavors impeccably supplementing the newness of the meat.

3. No Signboard Seafood Restaurant

No Signboard Seafood Restaurant: Best Chilli Crab

The beginning of No Billboard saw something like three crabs sold a day. In any case, Mdm. Ong Kim Hoi, a devoted gourmet expert and her accomplice, regarded this as a chance to support their culinary energy. Subsequently, they made the white pepper crab, which before long became well known through informal exchange publicizing.

These days, No Billboard is eminent for its fish and is viewed as quite possibly of the best spot in Singapore to attempt chilli crab.


Bean chilli crab with different degrees of fieriness: At No Billboard, you can modify the zestiness level of your bean chilli crab to suit your taste. Albeit the introduction of the dish may not generally be perfect, the tempting smell and taste of the crab won't frustrate.

White pepper crab at its best can be seen as here: No Billboard really 'imagined' Singaporean white pepper crab and their form is unparalleled. The café has an impeccable recipe for this dish. The peppery flavor areas of strength for is doesn't overwhelm the pleasantness of the crab meat. Presented for certain vegetables, this pepper sauce-covered crab dish goes impeccably with seared rice.

4. Red House Seafood Restaurant

Red House Seafood - Esplanade Mall

Red House Fish has produced a dependable following for its extraordinary food and inviting environment beginning around 1976. This eatery generally offers the best fish dishes with the freshest supplies from everywhere the world, including abalone from Australia, mud crab from Sri Lanka, and geoduck from Canada.

For local people, Red House is one of the most amazing fish cafés for family gatherings, conferences, or heartfelt suppers.


A sweet sauce variant of bean chilli crab: Red House's stew sauce is sweet instead of exquisite and this delectable sauce works out positively for crab meat and southern style mantou. The eatery's less zesty crab dishes are great for when you need a new thing for your palates instead of something exemplary.

Agreeable feel for a wide range of social events: Red House Fish has a simple air where everybody can find their own 'usual range of familiarity' for their fish feast. The café at Amazing Copthorne has seven confidential rooms that are the ideal decision for conferences or family social occasions.

5. Mellben Seafood @ Ang Mo Kio

Delicious Crab @ Mellben Seafood, Ang Mo Kio - Mums Travels

Mellben Fish has made considerable progress from its unassuming starting points as a slow down along Alexandra Street to turn into a notable fish objective with three outlets in Singapore.

The café has been perceived in the Singapore Michelin Guide and granted a 'Michelin Plate' differentiation.


A crab-driven culinary universe: Mellben Fish's menu brags a noteworthy determination 15 crab dishes, offering a genuine sanctuary for crab fans. Enjoy Mellben Fish's champion crab contributions, for example, the chilli crab, dirt pot crab vermicelli soup, spread crab, laksa crab, dark pepper crab, salted egg yolk crab, ginger onion crab, and gleaming sand crab.

An eggy and gooey chilli crab sauce rendition: Mellben Fish's bean chilli crab is made with huge crabs covered in a thick, zesty, and somewhat sweet bean stew sauce. Their remarkable way of cooking produces a dish that is dull, eggy, and gooey, with an overflow of sauce that is ideal for plunging mantou. Moreover, the zest level can be acclimated to suit individual inclinations.

Best position for mud pot crab honey bee hoon: Claypot crab honey bee hoon, otherwise called dirt pot crab vermicelli soup, is a noodle soup dish that includes a smooth stock, rich with the fragrance and pleasantness of crabs. For some local people, Mellben is the go-to objective to enjoy this delicious crab dish, which might be new to your culinary collection yet makes certain to please your taste buds from the absolute first spoonful.

6. Dancing Crab @ Orchard Central

Dancing Crab | Get Up To 50% Off With ChopeDeals

Moving Crab values being the best Louisiana fish café in Singapore, complete with a comfortable, happy feeling, a thrilling setup of cocktails, and, obviously, a profound regard for cooking fish.

Upheld by TungLok Gathering, one of Singapore's most settled fish eateries, Moving Crab gets its shellfish from similar providers as the gathering's top fish cafés, guaranteeing various excellent choices like Boston lobster and Dungeness crab.


Bean chilli crab with a wind: At Moving Crab, the chilli crab is filled in as 'chilli crab Bread Bowl,' an enormous pot of delightfulness containing two Sri Lankan crabs (each weighing roughly 700g) swimming in a conventional thick and sweet sauce. The turn lies in the brioche, which is impeccably toasted and put in the pot, making it a magnificent option to mantou. The brioche supplements the sauce and crab meat delightfully.

A marriage of American-style and Singapore-style fish: The Moving Crab menu includes a mix of dated Louisiana dishes, for example, their unmistakable fish bubble, Lobster Roll, and Crab Cake, as well as customary Chinese fish dishes like Dark Pepper Endlessly crab Seared Rice. These dishes are served in an energetic air, complete with peppy music, imaginative mixed drinks, and imported brews.

Fabricate a-combo choices: In the event that you're feeling brave, you can decide to construct your own fish bubble combo that impeccably suits your taste. Just select your primary fish (crab, Dungeness crab, or Boston lobster), pick your optional fish and different fixings, and afterward pick your sauce (signature Cajun, fiery garlic margarine, or Beurre blanc).

7. Holycrab

Delicious, innovative crab at Holy Crab - Reviews, Photos - HolyCrab -  Tripadvisor

Odds are high that "HolyCrab!" is the primary thing that emerges from your mouth when you see the café's smash hit chilli crab spread out before you.

Gigantic and loaded up with plump meat and magnificent roe, HolyCrab doesn't ration its endeavors to source Sri Lankan crabs that are of the best quality and liberated from anti-toxins. Indeed, even only one paw will make them slobber with amuse.


chilli crab with red and green renditions: Red is the exemplary shade of Singapore chilli crab, however with HolyCrab, this delightful dish additionally comes in green. The green form might have a Thai look, yet it is a genuine Peranakan recipe. This would be an ideal fit in the event that you are searching for something yummy and imaginative for your chilli crab feast.

5 degrees of zestiness: HolyCrab has 5 degrees of fieriness to oblige each cafe's inclination, whether they like it hot or a tiny bit of kick to keep the focus on the crab.

12 crab dishes to browse: It's generally perfect to have options, and cafes are ruined for decision at HolyCrab. Look over 12 wonderful crab dishes including Green Mumba (signature green sauce areas of strength for with flavors), Demon's (velvety spread sauce with curry flavors), and Orgasmic (very much like Fallen angel's yet with the lavish expansion of brown salted egg yolks).


What is Singapore's signature dish chilli crab?

chilli crab is a famous fish dish among local people and outsiders in Singapore, and comprises of mud crabs rotisserie in a sweet, exquisite and zesty sauce. It has been alluded to in different food distributions as Singapore's public fish dish or even Singapore's public dish.

Which chilli crab is the best in Singapore?

1. Large Fish. Large Fish is a notable chain of fish cafés and is known as one of the spots to go to for the best bean chilli crab in Singapore. Laid out in 1987, the Singapore-conceived Chinese fish café serves grant winning Singapore Bean chilli crab and new fish!

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