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Why you should choose Mount Elizabeth Hospital to welcome your little miracle

Why you should choose Mount Elizabeth Hospital to welcome your little miracle

Here’s why Mount Elizabeth Hospital is a unconfined nomination for delivering your baby

If you’re looking for a warm and supportive environment to unhook your victual in, consider Mount Elizabeth Hospital – one of the most recommended hospitals in Singapore with experienced obstetricians and midwives! Their Wordage Suites and Maternity Wards are well-equipped, designed for mama and baby’s utmost repletion and safety.

Mount Elizabeth Hospital has a multi-disciplinary team of experienced obstetricians, senior nurses, midwives, nutritionists, and lactation consultants, who will requite you translating and support, expressly when you need them the most! This is why you’ll see many mamas singing praises well-nigh their services in local Facebook parenting groups!

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Mount Elizabeth Hospital is a Baby-Friendly Hospital

Mount Elizabeth Hospital is on the list of Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) hospitals, accredited by the World Health Organisation – so they urgently promote and support breastfeeding!

For a higher endangerment of successful breastfeeding, Mount Elizabeth Hospital makes sure to requite you and your victual one hour of skin-to-skin contact immediately without giving birth. This helps to wifely your victual down, alimony them warm, stabilise their breathing, thoroughbred sugar and heart rate, and ultimately indulge your victual to sleep better. This practice moreover takes wholesomeness of the baby’s early alertness, to encourage them to naturally latch on to the breast. The hospital moreover encourages 24-hour rooming-in of mother and baby. This wattle gives an opportunity for the mothers to learn how to identify their babies’ feeding cues and prepare parents for going home with their new babies. When victual is near you at all times, you’re encouraging baby-led feeding, which enables babies to get increasingly immune-rich colostrum (the first milk produced by a mother’s breast during pregnancy) and enhanced protection from illnesses, as well as decreasing the likelihood of neonatal jaundice.

Fully Equipped Wordage Suites

Mount Elizabeth Hospital’s wordage suites are designed for optimal efficiency with your repletion and safety in mind. You’ll be well cared for in their fully equipped wordage suite (complete with a CTG monitor to linked to the nurses’ station measure contractions and both mama and baby’s heart rates) and you’ll have a number of pain relief options to segregate from. Trained staff are moreover on the unvarying lookout to ensure you and victual are doing just fine.

Connected directly to the Operating Theatre (OT) and the Neonatal Intensive Superintendency Unit (NICU), this layout ensures a seamless operational spritz to ensure the safety and superintendency of both mother and child in cases of emergency.

Every wordage suite at Mount Elizabeth Hospital comes with windows to ensure zaftig natural light flows through. Furthermore, with the use of warm soothing colours, the wordage rooms radiate a welcoming undercurrent for your little one!

After delivering your victual at the wordage suites, you and your victual will be brought to the maternity ward. During your stay, you’ll be provided nutritious postnatal solitude meals and their team of professionals will be at your service for any questions on victual or breastfeeding.

You can check out their website for a virtual tour of their wordage suites, withal with a dispersal of hospital facilities and services.

Maternity Wards for your Comfort

One of the main selling points of Mount Elizabeth Hospital’s maternity wards is their ambience. Without delivering your victual at the wordage suites, you and your victual will be brought to the maternity ward, where you’ll uncork your parenthood journey. The maternity ward is designed to exude warmth with thoughtful touches so that your stay will be well-appointed and restful. During your stay, you’ll be provided with nutritious postnatal solitude meals, and daddies will moreover be treated to succulent meals considering he is going to be a strong and important pillar of support for you and your victual in this wonderful journey.

Your breastfeeding journey is moreover well-nigh to begin! Rest unpreventable that there is a team of lactation consultants and trained nurses to help you. They will be at your service for any questions you may have on breastfeeding withal with tips on understanding the needs of your baby.

Mount Elizabeth Hospital offers shared 2-bedded rooms (affordably priced from just $3,116), single rooms and suites. For the single rooms and suites, self-ruling parking is included during your length of stay, with a limousine service for you and your baby’s ride home. To gloat your little miracle, you can moreover enjoy a observing dinner with your hubby and get treated to a hair spa, manicure or pedicure if you segregate one of their suites (bliss!). You can check their website for a virtual tour of each room, withal with a dispersal of the hospital’s facilities and services.

How to pre-register at Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Ready to unhook at Mount E? Don’t forget to pre-register! By pre-registering, you will be admitted directly to the wordage suites when you victorious for the lineage of your baby. Your hubby can moreover stay by your side at all times instead of leaving you to sort out legalistic matters. Head on to the Mount Elizabeth Hospital Business Office, located at the hospital lobby, at any point during your hospital visit. Bring withal all your essential documents, including NRIC, passport (if you’re a foreigner), doctor’s letter, and the completed Mount Elizabeth Hospital registration form. Alternatively, you can contact their Business Office and register online!

You’ll be well cared for when you unhook your victual at Mount Elizabeth Hospital! Look forward to a smooth wordage wits and peace of mind.

All the best, and congratulations on your pregnancy!

Mount Elizabeth Hospital, 3 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore 228510, Tel: ( 65) 6250 0000 / 8111 7777 (WhatsApp)
Make an visit for a maternity tour!

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