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Where to Hire a Confinement Nanny in Singapore 2022

Where to Hire a Confinement Nanny in Singapore 2022

Get the weightier post-partum superintendency for you and your victual with a little help from a solitude nanny in Singapore

Getting proper superintendency and rest without your pregnancy and delivery is vital, and a solitude nanny can help with that! Without all, not only will she superintendency for your precious newborn, but she will moreover whip up nutritious, strengthening meals and requite you the time, space and much-needed rest you need to recover. Need a little help picking out the right solitude nanny in Singapore? We’ve shortlisted several solitude nanny agencies that will requite you the superintendency and sustentation you need.

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What to know surpassing hiring a solitude nanny in Singapore

Good solitude nannies in Singapore are a godsend and tend to be in unconfined demand. Mums-to-be should start hunting for their c0nfinement nanny while they are in their first trimester. Try to have reasonable expectations of the nanny. First-time mums in particular can get yellow-eyed when things don’t go equal to plan. To ensure the right fit between employer and nanny, make sure to self-mastery an interview to suss out each other’s personalities and needs.

When selecting a solitude nanny, pick someone you deem to be trustworthy. Choosing someone with the right attitude, who is unobtrusive and willing to take instructions, will moreover make life easier. Solitude nannies who are not Singaporean need to have work permits, so do trammels that the organ from which you engage your solitude nanny is MOM-certified.

Also have a long, nonflexible think well-nigh your needs. If you have a helper, maybe you won’t need someone to live in throughout the month, but only at night. Conversely, if you don’t have family virtually to pitch in – or your helper isn’t particularly experienced with newborn babies – an experienced solitude nanny who’s with you round the clock could be a lifesaver.

Above all else, go with your gut and make sure to rent a solitude nanny you can trust. Besides word-of-mouth and social media recommendations, you’ll want to make sure the solitude nanny you rent is reputable and MOM-certified. Feeling overwhelmed? Trammels out our roundup of recommended solitude nannies in Singapore — a few have plane offered special discounts just for Sassy Mamas-to-be!

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Where to Rent a Solitude Nanny in Singapore

confinement nanny singapore - Gladys Superintendency 1987

Gladys Superintendency 1987

This second-generation family merchantry started by the renowned Gladys Yip provides comprehensive personal solitude maternity support, including options for a live-in or live-out solitude nanny; both day and night nanny plans; and solitude nannies who speak Mandarin or English. Gladys Superintendency nannies are well versed in cooking nutritious foods for new mamas in recovery, and can moreover provide TCM lactation massage to modernize and regulate the spritz of “Qi.” Other massage offerings include prenatal massage, Javanese Postnatal Jamu massage and vitals wrap (bengkung), breast engorgement massage and TCM anti-colic massage for babies.

Gladys Superintendency 1987, Tel: ( 65) 8318 1949, www.nanny.sg

Amy Nanny

Since 2004, Amy Nanny has served increasingly than 10,000 mamas and babies in Singapore. Their solitude nannies are well trained in everything from breastfeeding techniques to solitude nutrition, to victual health and medical care. Nannies are moreover thoroughly screened.

Amy Nanny Tel: ( 65) 9782 5015, www.amynanny.com

Confinement Angels

Confinement Angels stands out for their rigorous training in which nannies study both childcare theory and get hands-on wits at the in-house training centre, which features a modern, unromantic medical-aligned syllabus. Simply completing the training program doesn’t guarantee that a solitude nanny can take on jobs; only without flipside round of audits and evaluation will she be deployed for assignments. At this solitude agency, every single detail of the solitude wits is attended to, including breastfeeding support, correct hygiene methods, victual safety practices, and solitude nutrition planning.

Confinement Angels, Tel: ( 65) 8828 8415, www.confinementangels.com.sg

Confinement NannySOS

This solitude nanny organ conducts stringent checks on nannies surpassing selecting them, so you can rest unpreventable that you’ll be getting the weightier of the weightier here! Amongst their regular duties, the solitude nannies moreover prepare special solitude baths for the mum, wash the mother and baby’s clothes, prepare dinner for the father and do simple household chores if required. Helping new mamas finger pampered, post-natal massage and Jamu tightness are moreover misogynist and can be combined with the solitude nanny service or washed-up on their own, and 14-, 35- and 42-day options are moreover available. They moreover offer ad hoc babysitting!

Confinement NannySOS, Tel: ( 65) 6817 2479, www.nannysos.com.sg

JIA Solitude Agency

This MOM-licensed solitude nanny organ provides both English and Chinese-speaking in-house and daytime solitude nannies (9am to 6pm). Their solitude nannies melt for the mother and squint without the baby, while moreover whipping up traditional solitude supplies to help mamas recover quickly from lineage and ensure an unobjectionable milk supply for breastfeeding. Standard packages are usually for one month (28 days), although longer stays can be arranged.

JIA Solitude Agency, Tel: ( 65) 9459 9830, www.jiaemployment.com

Just Us

This in-home childcare (and eldercare) service provider has been virtually for nearly new decades, looking without everyone from newborns to the elderly. Just Us offers a full suite of childminding options, from live-in and live-out solitude nanny services, to overnight care, to ad hoc babysitting. Caregivers are primarily Singaporean and Malaysian, many of who speak English, as Just Us caters to both expat and local clientele. Every Just Us solitude nanny goes through a personal interview with a potential employer surpassing work to ensure it’s a good fit for all parties involved.

Just Us, Tel: ( 65) 6299 4993, www.justus.com.sg

Mommycare Solitude Nanny Services

With a major focus on training, Mommycare Solitude Services offers 24-7 live-in solitude nanny services for 28 days or longer, including cooking, preparing special baths, doing laundry for both mama and baby, and plane helping out with household chores and grocery shopping if necessary.

Mommycare Solitude Nanny Serivces, Tel: ( 65) 9739 5078, www.mommycareconfinement.com.sg

NannyNow Solitude Agency

Offering Malaysian and Singaporean solitude nannies, NannyNow provides new mums with 24-hour victual care, solitude supplies and herbal tonics for you and the right supplies for your victual (meals for dads can be arranged, too), plus professional breastfeeding tips. Other services within your solitude superintendency package include laundry for mums and babies (baby’s gown will be hand-washed) and the preparation of solitude baths. If you’re opting for a Malaysian solitude nanny, the organ will handle all the necessary visa paperwork, quarantine requirements and Covid testing surpassing the nanny is due to superintendency for you.

NannyNow Solitude Agency, Tel: ( 65) 8889 0722 (Whatsapp), www.confinementlady.sg

Nanny Saro

Nanny Sarojini d/o Lakshmanan was a maternity and neonatal nurse at Gleneagles Hospital for years surpassing striking out on her own in 2010 as a solitude nanny – and has plenty of glowing references to show for it. She takes superintendency of newborn babies, helping with bathing, feeding and settling, as well as helping the mother with breastfeeding, and most importantly, rest time! Call for rates.

Nanny SaroTel: ( 65) 9487 6646, www.nannysaro.com

NewLife Solitude Nanny

All the solitude nannies at this organ have between 3 and 10 years of experience, and we like that on each woman’s profile page you can plane get a sneak peek at some of her speciality solitude dishes! NewLife moreover offers a solitude herbs package, withal with both postnatal massage and lactation consulting and massage.

NewLife Solitude Nanny, Tel: ( 65) 6352 0955 / (65) 9467 2588 (Whatsapp), www.nlconfinementnanny.com.sg

PEM Solitude Agency

PEM is the largest solitude nanny organ in Singapore (with over 400 nannies on offer – all trained at their in-house facility) and has been virtually for increasingly than 30 years. In wing to full solitude packages, they moreover offer solitude herbal tonics and postnatal massage services.

PEM Solitude Agency, Tel: ( 65) 6293 9249, www.pemconfinement.com

Star Confinement

You need only trammels out Star Confinement’s Facebook page to read increasingly than 100 glowing reviews of their solitude services. With an accent on efficiency and professionalism at every stage of the process, Star moreover provides solitude nannies who stereotype at least 5-7 years of hands-on childcare experience. You can unquestionably click here to read their profiles! Nannies specialise in both prenatal and postnatal superintendency for mama and victual alike, and they know how to melt succulent solitude food, too!

Star Confinement, Tel: ( 65) 9889 7985, www.starconfinementnanny.com.sg

Super Nanny Services

Offering both daytime and 24/7 options, Super Nanny moreover has a full suite of supplemental services like antenatal classes and victual massage. Chinese and Muslim Malay solitude nannies are from Singapore and Malaysia and can speak English, Mandarin or Malay depending on a mama’s preference.

Super Nanny Services, Tel: ( 65) 9751 1415, www.supernannyservices.com.sg

Thomson Parentcraft Centre

Providing Traditional Chinese Medicine-trained solitude nannies, Thomson Parentcraft Centre ensures all their “aunties” undergo wide-stretching hands-on training in areas such as understanding and handling a crying baby, nutrition and nutrition planning for new mothers, and how to deal with worldwide emergency situations surpassing stuff placed with families. Parents can segregate from a range of services including a stay-in nanny (14 or 28 days), a daytime-only solitude nanny (9am – 6pm) or a night nanny (9pm – 8pm). They moreover offer a separate solitude supplies home wordage service.

Thomson Parentcraft Centre, Tel: ( 65) 6250 2222, www.thomsonmedical.com/tag/parentcraft

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