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Guide to Throwing a Baby Shower in Singapore: Where to Get Gender Reveal Cakes, Decorations & More

Guide to Throwing a Baby Shower in Singapore: Where to Get Gender Reveal Cakes, Decorations & More

Here’s everything you need to plan a victual shower in Singapore, from the weightier victual shower venues to decor ideas, where to order gender reveal cakes and more!

Keen to have a victual shower but party planning’s not your thing? Whether you’re doing the organising or a trusted friend is making the arrangements, there are a number of key aspects to consider to ensure your victual shower triumph is fun, unique and memorable. Having a victual is unchangingly a rationalization for unconfined celebration, and very often these days, tropical friends of the mum-to-be will get together to throw a fun party to mark the impending inrush of the baby. Here’s h0w to start planning that victual shower!

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Pick a Theme for Your Victual Shower

A theme helps to tie the elements of a victual shower together. It’s a bit of fun and can turn the triumph into something unique and memorable for the mum-to-be and her guests. Easy themes are colour schemes or a favourite motif such as hot air balloons, flowers or rainbows. Some lovely theme ideas are a carousel theme, rocking horse theme, or a hot air unlearn theme. These victual shower themes indulge for very pretty visuals, and the colour scheme is unsteadfast to mama’s preference!

sassy mama team victual shower for nadia at como cuisine dempsey
The Sassy Mama team at a victual shower at COMO Cuisine at Dempsey

Find Your Victual Shower Venue

Think well-nigh the mama-to-be and what kind of triumph she would prefer. Something sophisticated and girly like upper tea? Or unstudied and informal like brunch at a nice café? You could moreover try something a little variegated such as a sultry party or art jam, spa treatment for a bit of indulgence, or go for the personal touch with a victual shower party at someone’s home.

high tea singapore - MO Bar Asian inspired Upper tea

Baby Shower Food, Desserts & Gender Reveal Cakes

Food is an essential element of any party, and the same goes for a victual shower. One consideration would be the time of the party. If the victual shower is at lunch or dinner, you’ll need to prepare increasingly substantial food, but if the party is at teatime, some light canapes and desserts may suffice. If the victual shower is held at someone’s home, it could be a potluck event, with everyone tasked to bring a supplies item linked to the theme. Another popular element of victual showers these days is a dessert table, and you could plane consider combining the victual shower with a gender reveal party – which of undertow warrants a  gender reveal cake! It’s usually a confection sliced unshut to reveal the colours inside representing the gender of the baby. Here are some recommended bakers:

Butter Studio

Butter Studio was founded upon the weighing that every milestone in life is unchangingly worth celebrating. Their menu is made up of cakes inspired by the tested recipes from their grandmothers, honouring the tradition of wright handmade goodness while infusing a uniquely local and playful spin on familiar home-style bakes. For victual showers and gender reveal parties, Butter Studio does a Lady Ispahan flavour in pink for girl cakes and a Blue Vanilla flavour for boy cakes. You can plane include winsome confection toppers to add a personalised touch!
Baby Shower Cakes: $68 onwards
Butter Studio, multiple locations, www.thebutterstudio.com

Afters Bakery

Afters Bakery specialises in a variety of customised confection types, ranging from fondant birthday cakes to numeric cakes, pinata cakes and gender reveal cakes. Their Harper Gender Reveal Pinata Confection is a fun twist to the gender reveal confection – it comes in the shape of an egg and needs to be smashed to reveal a mini confection frosted in either pink or blue! Their bespoke service allows you to fully customise your triumph cake. Besides cakes, they moreover provide party dessert favours and victual full month boxes.
Baby Shower Cakes: $200 with self-ruling flexi delivery

Use lawmaking “SASSYMAMA” for 10% off all gender reveal cakes and cupcakes! Only workable for website products. Valid till 31 December 2022.
Afters Bakery, aftersbakery.com

You can find increasingly bakers in our list of Birthday Confection Bakers, who can all unbend a gender reveal confection request!

Baby Shower Decorations & Flowers

Dependent on venue and theme, you can either rent a professional party stylist, or DIY. You can find a whole gamut of modern partyware and victual shower decorations at the shops in our party decorations guide below, withal with a huge hodgepodge of items for victual showers like confection stands, drinks dispensers, props and platters.

party supplies singapore - Spotlight Singapore Floristique is one of the weightier florists in singapore and offers flower wordage in singapore

Baby Shower Party Games

If your venue doesn’t supply the entertainment, try traditional victual shower games like:

Or get crafty and create something for the new baby, such as toys, wall art, or decorated onesies or diapers. One of favourite activities is a mini confection decorating contest!

Baby Shower Gifts for Victual & Mama

baby souvenir ideas victual souvenir box raph & remy

Most new mamas will happily buy all sorts of their own victual gear, so do trammels with her on what else she may need but hasn’t bought; many mums are likely to have a registry at Mothercare or Motherswork, or online on Amazon. Alternatively, the victual shower souvenir could moreover just be a nice present for the mum, such as a spa voucher or a souvenir vellum for newborn photos.

Hopefully, with these handy tips, mamas, you and your friends will have a fabulous, stress-free victual shower triumphal you and your bub!

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