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Five Diverse Dumplings Options to Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival 2022

Five Diverse Dumplings Options to Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival 2022


The Dragon Boat Festival is coming up this Friday and with Covid-19 restrictions loosened, you can now gather together with your family and loved ones for a timely reunion after two years of lock-down.

Looking for which bazhang or traditional rice dumplings to get for the festive occasion? Here is a curated list from us, featuring five diverse options that suit all taste buds.

Widely regarded as one of the top heritage rice dumpling brands in Singapore, Joo Chiat Kim Choo has rolled out a variety of luxurious gift sets featuring premium handmade rice dumplings that are perfect for gifting.

The 2022 range includes an indulgent Emperor’s Heirloom Gift Set comprising six premium Emperor’s Dumplings, snugly housed in a hexagonal Bynd Artisan handcrafted leatherette box, as well as a beautiful Memory Trove Gift Set.


Joo Chiat Kim Choo’s time-honed craftsmanship is reflected in all of its gourmet masterpieces. The Hakka Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables Rice Dumpling’s fragrant glutinous rice encases well-seasoned steaming pork belly and savoury mui choy or preserved mustard greens.

Foodies will also enjoy the Hokkien Rice Dumpling with Salted Egg Yolk, a delicious creation, which includes braised pork belly, salted egg yolk, chestnut and mushrooms. Other treats to try include the Cantonese Bean Rice Dumpling, the all-time favourite Nonya Rice DumplingHokkien Rice Dumpling, Kee Zhang, and Kee Zhang with Red Bean.


For those with a sweet tooth, Taiwanese restaurant Din Tai Fung is bringing back their signature Red Bean Rice Dumpling (豆沙粽) which can serve as a desert dumpling.

Handmade with top-grade pearl glutinous rice and specially air-flown from Taiwan, this unique take on a traditional classic is sure to elevate your Dragon Boat Festival.


There are a total of 7 dumpling flavours from Bee Cheng Hiang, introducing some non-Bakkwa flavours as well:

  1.  Gourmet Bakkwa Rice Dumpling 经典肉干粽
  2. Gourmet Bakkwa Rice Dumpling (with Yolk) 经典肉干咸蛋粽
  3. Applewood Iberico Rice Dumpling 苹果木西班牙黑猪肉干粽
  4. Multigrain Black Pepper Chicken Rice Dumpling 黑胡椒鸡肉干粽
  5. Mala Bakkwa with Peanut Rice Dumpling 麻辣肉干花生粽
  6. Hae Bi Hiam with Winter Melon Rice Dumpling 香辣虾米粽
  7. Sweet Potato with Black Glutinous Rice Dumpling 紫米番薯粽

One plus point for the Bee Cheng Hiang rice dumplings is that all of them come in a unique vacuum packaging which keeps them fresh for longer while retaining the moisture and goodness. This innovative packaging also keeps it cleaner and less greasy to store.


This year, homegrown local snack brand, Mr Bean presents 3 vegetarian and allium-free delights with its Brown Rice Dumplings, Nonya Dumplings and Mushroom & Chestnut Dumplings. 

This would be the perfect option for vegans and all the non meateaters to indulge in flavourful rice dumplings for the festivity as well.


If you are looking for something more upmarket, check out Michelin-starred Shang Palace‘s collection of handcrafted rice dumplings creations.

Laboriously hand-wrapped and brimming with choice ingredients, these fragrant parcels plump with quality glutinous rice make exceptional picks for enjoying with family or as befitting gifts.

New Creations include:

  • Truffle Pork Rice Dumpling with Salted Egg (松露咸蛋肉粽)
  • Black Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Japanese Purple Sweet Potato Custard wrapped with Mochi Dough (黑糯米日本紫薯流心粽)
  • Dried Sarcodon, Vegan Chicken and Organic Grains Glutinous Rice Dumpling (Vegetarian) (黑虎掌菌有机五谷素鸡粽)

Popular Signatures:

  • Shang Palace Signature Barbecued Pork Rice Dumpling with Yunnan Ham and Conpoy (香宫金华火腿瑶柱裹蒸粽)
  • Traditional Nyonya Rice Dumpling (风味娘惹粽)


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