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Expert Advice: 6 Ways to Manage Postpartum Hair Loss or Hair Fall in Singapore

Expert Advice: 6 Ways to Manage Postpartum Hair Loss or Hair Fall in Singapore

Don’t worry mama, you’re not going bald! Here’s how to dramatically reduce hair loss without having a baby

As a new mom, you will get truckloads of unsolicited advice. But strangely, no one will warn you well-nigh postpartum hair loss! And one fine day, you may find yourself in the shower watching (horrifically) as chunks of your hair fall lanugo to the scupper. What the heck is going on?!?

Your hormones are at it. Again.

Well, in this case, they are trying to get when to normal. Since your estrogen levels are falling, so is your hair. This typically starts happening around 3 or 4 months postpartum, but surpassing you panic that you’re going bald, remember that this is only temporary and by the time your li’l munchkin is triumphal their first birthday, it will be back!

Here are 6 things you can do to minimize hair loss in the meantime:

1. Oil Your Hair

Oil does some AMAZING things to your hair. It deep conditions it, stops forfeiture and makes hair shiny. When you wield oil, you need to massage it into the scalp in gentle but firm circular movements. This improves the thoroughbred circulation, encouraging your hair to grow much faster. You can read well-nigh the benefits of oiling your hair here!

WATCH OUT: When you start oiling, you will notice plane increasingly hair shedding than before. Whatever you do, don’t panic. These strands would have fallen off anyways, but considering of the massage, they all fell at once, giving you the impression that increasingly hair is coming off. Just alimony at it. Within a month, you will notice tiny hair whence to sprout. Promise!

Which oil should I use?
You can use pure olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil. I like to rotate amongst all three. So one time olive oil, the next time coconut… That’s considering each oil has its own wondrous nutrition. So by alternating, I get increasingly nutrients.

How much oil do I need?
That depends on the length of your hair; long hair will need well-nigh a quarter cup, while short hair needs a couple of tablespoons. Remember, you need to drench your scalp and the unshortened length of your hair in oil.

How long should I leave it on for?
The longer, the better. You need it in for a minimum of an hour. I prefer to oil my hair first thing in the morning. Then I eat my breakfast and do whatever needs to be washed-up virtually the house surpassing washing it off.

How often do I need to apply?
In the beginning, thrice a week is ideal.

2. Wash with a good shampoo

After oiling your hair, you need to shampoo twice to get it all out. And then condition as usual. But don’t just don’t use a moisturizing shampoo, mamas. Clarifying or volumizing shampoos work weightier at completely removing the glut oil.

postnatal hair loss hair fall smib shampoo

SMiB is a popular Korean hair superintendency range that helps prevent hair loss to unzip a healthy scalp (and trappy hair, of course!). It was the first trademark to introduce calcium into its Innabi range (as a calcium deficiency is thought to contribute to hair fall), and in wing to its Shampoo ($19 for 100ml/$39 for 500ml), Scalp Treatment ($19/$39) and Scalp Essence ($39), SMiB moreover has a really tomfool Plasma technology rummage that helps massage the scalp while moreover distributing key ingredients like Zinc Phyrithione, Panthenol and Salicylic Acid. Healthy hair unchangingly starts with a healthy scalp, as dandruff can rationalization itchiness and excessive sebum production, which can in turn lead to hair fall. The key ingredients in SMiB are so constructive considering they help get hair to its natural pH venom – not to mention scalp massage enhances thoroughbred circulation, relieves stress, and helps you sleep better. Yes, please!

When the hair fall reduces, you can cut lanugo your coconut oil shampoo ritual to once a week.

3. Treat Hair with Aloe

If oiling isn’t your thing, try aloe gel instead! Pure aloe gel has these superstitious enzymes that promote hair growth. And by massaging it into your scalp, you are boosting the thoroughbred circulation, encouraging your hair to grow faster. Aloe moreover moisturizes the hair, making strands shinier.

How much aloe do I need?
Enough to soak your scalp and hair.

How long should I leave it on for?
You can use it as a pre-shampoo treatment (apply it an hour beforehand), or leave it overnight.

How to wash it off?
Your regular shampoo will do just fine. You don’t need to shampoo twice. I prefer a clarifying or volumizing shampoo to do the job well. Follow it up with your conditioner.

How often do I need to apply?
Every time you shampoo. You will start seeing the results within a month.

4. Continue Your Prenatal Supplements

Vitamins (especially B-complex) and Omega-3 fatty acids, nourish hair from within and help it grow thicker and longer. So just considering you had the baby, don’t stop your prenatal supplements.

Keep going for flipside 6 months. Your hair will thank you!

prenatal hair loss tips short hair cut

5. Get a Short Haircut

There are many totally valid benefits to simply chopping your hair off:

  • Short hair requires fewer nutrients and may not fall out as much.
  • Babies rarely pull their dad’s hair. That’s considering it’s short. Enough said.
  • A short wash-and-go hairstyle is sooooo much easier to maintain.
  • Short hair makes you squint younger – much-needed with all those sleepless nights!
  • No ‘mommy buns’. Short hair makes you squint trendy!

6. Get Some Fringe Benefits

Ok, so a short cut is not something you’re keen on. Then get a fringe instead. Most of the hair loss is visible at the hairline. A fringe hides these unrobed patches and moreover takes years off your face!

Just remember mamas, this is only temporary. Circle your bub’s first birthday on the timetable and we bet by then you’ll be looking and feeling like your mythological self again. But the whilom tips really do help to stem the hair loss in the meantime!

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