Can probiotics help improve maternal mood? Help us find out!

Are you currently pregnant? Keep reading! Probiotics may help with prenatal and postnatal mood, and you’re invited to help find out

In May this year, UNICEF estimated that 116 million women would requite lineage in the nine months since COVID-19 was recognised. Pregnant women, in particular, are expressly vulnerable to mental health problems during this time.

A survey of 7,500 pregnant and postpartum women, over 10 days, wideness 68 countries conducted by the International Registry of Coronavirus Exposure in Pregnancy (IRCEP) showed that a staggering 70% of women reported clinically significant peepers or anxiety, and over 40% screened positive for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

In an effort to find constructive ways to modernize maternal mental wellness, A*STAR Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (SICS) together with Nestlé are running a study to investigate the role of probiotics in pregnancy and how they can help put mothers-to-be in a largest mood.

If you are pregnant and interested to participate in this study, find out increasingly here!

By stuff part of this study, you can make a difference to your mental health and the mental well-being of fellow mothers-to-be!

Register your interest to take part in the PROMOTE Study below!
Or contact Tel: ( 65) 6407 0364, for increasingly details.

Disclaimer: Sassy Mama does not own or manage this study.

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Brought to you in partnership with A*STAR Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences and Nestlé
This study is conducted by A*STAR Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences and Nestlé and not owned or managed by Sassy Mama Singapore

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