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Antenatal & Postnatal Classes: How Finding Your Tribe Helps Your Marriage

Antenatal & Postnatal Classes: How Finding Your Tribe Helps Your Marriage

Looking to safeguard your marriage in the first year of parenthood? Here’s how finding your tribe through antenatal classes can help!

Did you know that marriage quality tends to peak in your last trimester of pregnancy?! The bad news: it can subtract by 67%* in an infant’s first year, plane among relatively satisfied couples! That’s why we turned to Natasha Cullen, UK certified midwife, and founder of Beloved Bumps, to understand why towers your tribe is so important. Beloved Bumps, run by a team of midwives and health professionals, provides antenatal and postnatal services with an accent on towers support networks and creating a polity for couples in Singapore. 

So why do couples fight in the first year of parenthood? 

Four worldwide reasons: sleep loss, depression, social isolation and unequal workload. Becoming a parent is one of the biggest transitions you’re overly going to make. You don’t really understand what the phrase ‘it takes a village’ ways until you need one – and having a tribe can make all the difference!

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How does parenthood stupefy men?

According to the esteemed Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), 26% of men show signs of peepers during the three to six-month period without their victual is born. It’s important to remember that men go through a massive transition during parenthood as well. And unfortunately, they often don’t get the same sustentation and opportunities to connect with other men and to talk well-nigh the road ahead.

With this in mind, Minion Bumps has created multiple meet-up groups just for dads, from the antenatal stage right through to Daddy & Me playgroups.

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What strategies can we take while pregnant? 

Start by building a network when you’re expecting! For you AND your partner! This is incredibly important when it comes to peepers and social isolation. So where do you go when you’re trying to meet pregnant couples? Tapping into antenatal or prenatal classes, exercise and events is the perfect starting point to not only get info well-nigh your upcoming lineage and baby, but moreover to find couples on the same journey. It’s truly important find antenatal services that put towers relationships and the lineage partners’ role at the part-way of their classes – and not as an afterthought!

Beloved Bumps’ has a 5-star rated antenatal course which includes a happiness guarantee! They moreover have a team of doulas (who are all midwives) and loads of pre- and postnatal exercise classes.

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What’s the weightier thing to do if my victual is once here?

It’s NEVER too late to start towers a network, mama! Find victual playgroups, coffee mornings and parent meetups that happen regularly and make sure to go! There’s nothing largest than talking to flipside mum or dad who can respond with, “Oh boy, do I get you. I’m having the same word-for-word problem!

Does this wield to couples who have increasingly than one child?

A tribe is important when you have one kid, but it’s VITAL when you have two or more. Balancing the needs of multiple children (on top of everything else) is stressful. And research has shown that there could be a correlation between marital satisfaction and number of children. It makes sense: increasingly kids = less time and less time = less time as a couple. But having a tribe of “friends with kids” makes it easier to get out of your PJs on a Friday night and enjoy an sultana worriedness as a couple.

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When should I get help?

Becoming a parent and co-managing a little human is hard! But there’s no need to struggle on the journey — get support from professionals that are unbiased and know how to park their judgment at the door. Midwife support as well as postnatal talks on sleep, mental health and your relationship without kids can requite you the tools to support your evolving relationship. Remember: you and your relationship can’t simply go on autopilot once they’re here. Build your tribe, get professional support and unchangingly remember to make time for each other.

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Beloved Bumps offers topnotch pre and postnatal services from a team of midwives and health professionals from the UK, France and Australia.

Beloved Bumps, The Herencia, #03-05, 46 Kim Yam Road, Singapore, 239351, email info@belovedbumps.sg or Tel: ( 65) 8809 8623, www.belovedbumps.sg    

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