Floating Restaurant in Maldives to FIFA World Cup, Bamboo Man

The excitement surrounding the 2022 FIFA World Cup is rife and fans virtually the world can’t wait for the games to begin. But this year, Indians have a reason to

They Said ‘Get Married’, but Mountaineer Fought Village To Scale

Feature image: Twitter For the remote and otherwise unknown village of Lothru, Uttarkashi, June brought in a momentous occasion the region had not seen surpassing — a young woman by the

Dipped in History & Health, What Makes ‘Amla Murabba’ a

A sweet and spicy relish, the murabba finds its place in scrutinizingly every Indian kitchen.  Having evolved from the idea of stuff worldly-wise to enjoy fruits for months to come, the

How A Unique Initiative Will Empower 5 Mn Women in

This initiative is implemented in partnership with TATA Communications. Kalawati Kumari, a 29-year-old Political Science graduate from Simdega College drew inspiration from project S.H.E.’s six-part series featuring the true story of

Goan Freediver Creates History With 4 National Records, Puts India On

Diving into the depths of the ocean with a single vapor and no zoetic workings can seem terrifying to most, but to Mario Fernandes, it’s relaxing.  India’s first freediving athlete to

Kerala Farmer Grows Apple, Almond Trees in ‘Miracle Air Pots’

You might think that the best way to grow trees is directly on the ground, but Kattappana-native Bijumon Antony disagrees. “Even growing trees on land can lead to tangling of roots

8 Greatest Cultural Achievements Of the Chola Dynasty’s 1500-Year Rule

While looking when at history, it’s rather evident that our social, economic, and cultural configurations evolved through the warmed-over civilisations and dynasties that once ruled the land.  There were several mighty

7 Must-Read Book Recommendations by Naval Ravikant: Something for Every

This vendible contains unite links. If you purchase something using one of these links, The Largest India will get a small commission. Self-made entrepreneur and investor Naval Ravikant has invested in

Amid Concrete Jungles, 100s of Birds Flock to Feed in

For many of us living in touchable jungles, waking up to the twitter of sparrows and a gust of tomfool walkover seems like a afar dream.  But this is not the

Kayaking, Natural Pools, Food Secrets: Family’s Eco-Farmstay Is an Escape

They say Maharashtra comes working in the monsoons, and anyone who has visited the Adhikari family at their Mohraan Farms in Thane will withstand testament to this fact.   As you settle