[PROMO CODE INSIDE] Save space and breathe easy with Space Next Door offering storage solutions for all your stuff – enjoy 25% off using this promo code!

Running out of space for all your stuff? Space Next Door is here to offer storage solutions and help you declutter and save space at home.

Space Next Door is a self-storage marketplace that not only connects consumers with the widest range of storage space in the market, but also offers a platform for people to list unutilized space that can be leased to other consumers.

Space Next Door uses a modern, user friendly web platform that empower customers to view, compare and book the biggest selection of storage spaces available in Singapore from multiple providers, under one marketplace with complete solutions and coverage.

It allows its customers to safely access their items whenever they like at any given time with 24/7 access, and offers a native mobile application that can be used to arrange access, manage and pay for storage, giving complete control to their customers.

Its storage facilities come with various sizes, from XXS – XXL, ranging from 1sqft to 1,000sqft, fully customizable depending on the customer’s needs. They even have wine cellars that locks up to 10 cases of wine and chilled storage units with humidity control of 13 – 15 degrees Celsius.

For individuals who have too much space available and would like to make full use of it, they can also use Space Next Door to rent out the space. All they need to do is add some house rules and a couple of high-resolution photos that best reflect the space, include an interesting description, set a per day rate, and they are ready to accept bookings.

If you are keen on utilizing Space Next Door, they are offering you a media discount of 25% off your first month’s rental. All you had to do is simply head over to their platform and select the facility and unit of your choice, select the booking period, and applicable promotion, and apply the promo code SND25OFF in the promo code box.

The promo code will be valid until 31st July 2021, and this promo code can be used in conjunction with any always-on campaign that they are running.

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