Malaysian influencer Pui Yi nude photos and accounts allegedly hijacked for $5,800

Malaysian influencer Pui Yi’s nude photos and social media accounts were allegedly hijacked and stolen by an unnamed hacker, who demanded $5,800 in exchange for the content and account control.

Who is Pui Yi?

According to a Facebook post on November 28, Pui Yi said that she lost all the content on her Instagram account and was locked out on the morning of November 15. She alleged that she had 1,005 posts, 633,000 followers and 433 following at the time. When midnight rolled along on that day, she noticed that the profile photo for her IG account was changed as well.

She has 69,000 followers on Facebook.

The next morning, she also allegedly lost control of her Facebook account. She said that she saw several emails in her Google inbox showing that someone was trying to get into her Facebook account. The hacker who was allegedly doing this may have caused her account to get disabled thanks to all the requests for password changes.

That same night, Novermber 16, an unknown person as of publishing emailed all her Patreon subscribers and said that they had nudes of Pui Yi, and were allegedly offering them for sale.

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An email with the subject “MS PUI YI PHOTO LEAKED” under an email entity called Ms Pui Yi Leaked shows that someone offered the recipients of a daily life photoset for $50 and a sexy photoset for $100.

Malaysian influencer Pui Yi nude photos and accounts allegedly hijacked for $5,800 - Alvinology
photo from Pui Yi Facebook account

They were also offering the email recipients to bid for her full naked photos, which were previewed in PC screenshots in the email to prove that they had control of her photo cloud.

At that point, she had lodged her first police report.

After that, she received an email from an entity called Vertice HD asked the email sender how much to gain sole access to all the content and to ensure exclusivity.

Malaysian influencer Pui Yi nude photos and accounts allegedly hijacked for $5,800 - Alvinology

The email account responded that they would do so for $5,800 in cash.

After that, though, Pui Yi alleged that the hacker had managed to rob the cash delivery person she arranged for the transaction, at which point she lodged another police report.

The hacker then allegedly deactivated the email and disappeared.

Pui Yi alleged Facebook only restored her account after three days

She then said that she flew to Facebook’s office in Singapore to get control of her accounts back, but said she only received a business card for her efforts. She was able to get control of her accounts again after three days when they confirmed her identity.

Malaysian influencer Pui Yi nude photos and accounts allegedly hijacked for $5,800 - Alvinology

Pui Yi alleged police did not help her

Aside from her police reports, she said that the police redirected her to other departments several times, and that they allegedly would not entertain her without an online appointment.

She said she also reportedly appealed to have her Instagram account restored, but to no avail. She mentioned she received an irresponsible reply from Instagram as well.

Where are Pui Wi nude photos now?

She also alleged in her account of the events that she lost control of her accounts because someone was “phishing” her laptop.

Phishing is the practice of soliciting sensitive account information to gain access to password-protected accounts.

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Pui Yi has since asked her supporters and followers to tag Instagram and Facebook so she could put pressure into them assisting her to recover her account.

You can see her Facebook account here.

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