Lilith tells Alvinology about her career as a Makeup Artist

Have you use a Hollywood makeup mirror before? Are you familiar with the world of professional makeup artist? In an exclusive interview with Alvinology, we asked Lilith, makeup artist, cosplayer and influencer, about her career.

You can find Lilith on Instagram here.

Lilith talked about her start at thirteen years old and how she’s made it in the industry up to today. The interview below was edited for clarity.

photo used with permission from Lilith

1. How long have you been working as a freelance makeup artist? Do you also do cosplay makeup? Who have you provided makeup skills for?

I’ve been doing makeup for people since I was 13 but officially started working when I was 16. I do cosplay makeup but I, myself, hardly cosplay anymore as it’s tiring and tedious sometimes. It’s a hobby so I only do it when I feel like it.

I have provided makeup for a wide range of people from professional models to some Mediacorp artists.

I have been head of makeup leading a team of volunteers to makeup for about 120 casts at a Christian Esplanade production before which included said Mediacorp artists.

photo used with permission from Lilith

2. What are your hobbies? Do you play games and cosplay as well? Which characters and in what events have you appeared if yes?

I am a gamer and I play anything from first person shooters to MMORPGs to currently competitive card games.

As I have said cosplay is in my free time or when friends ask me to. I have appeared as Ene from Kagerou project, Katerina from League of Legends, and most recently A2 from Nier Automata. I also have cosplayed as my own improvised versions of characters.

photo used with permission from Lilith

3. Do you have favourite makeup brands, products and/or treatments that you recommend to Singaporeans?

No, I don’t at the moment because everyone has different skin types and what may work for one person may not necessarily work wonders for others.

photo used with permission from Lilith

4. Between commercial makeup and cosplay makeup, which do you prefer doing and why?

I don’t focus much on cosplay makeup as most cosplayers are proficient in doing their own makeup.

I do makeup for mostly bridal and corporate shoots nowadays and i enjoy them all as they have their own unique moments that make it enjoyable.

Here are some photos of Lilith’s work over the years:

photo used with permission from Lilith
photo used with permission from Lilith
photo used with permission from Lilith

You can contact Lilith at [email protected]

Who is Lilith?

Last year, cosplayer Kuroe Kun published a post on social media platform Facebook detailing alleged unwanted sexual advances on Lilith. The perpetrator was allegedly actor Eden Ang.

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In her post Kuroe Kun, said that Eden took advantage of his position as Lilith’s employer and asked her to dress a certain way. As his personal assistant, Lilith was allegedly asked to dress in a short skirt and a g-string type of underwear. She refused repeatedly.

According to the now-defunct post, Eden also allegedly touched her inappropriately.

Other girls have come forwards with stories that relate the same alleged pattern of behaviour and conversations with the actor. Nicolette Lim, a former national gymnast, has also related her own story.

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Melissa Yeo, an actress, model, and influencer, also chimed in with her own story, which allegedly came from a different source.

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