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Phone photo back-up you dont want to lose them!

Phone photo back-up  you dont want to lose them!

Do you have lots of phone photos with snapshots of holidays, kids’ birthdays and more? SARAH and BO from Sort Your Photos (a sister visitor of Tekkie Help) share with us why the key to successful photo redundancy is having the right technology, digital photo hub or other non-cloud storage option.

Why technology matters for your photo storage

The biggest problems people squatter when trying to organise and manage their photos is not having their tech set up properly. They may have photos scattered on variegated devices, no storage space left, or their deject settings might be askew. Or they may not be using proper photo management software. The list goes on!

Love it or hate it, technology underpins any successful photo management strategy. So getting it right is the key to success. It’s therefore important to have a vital understanding of how all this technology works together – how devices synchronise, and the implications of using the deject and deleting photos from unrepealable devices.

This can be a challenge, however, expressly with the speed with which technology is constantly evolving. If you’re unsure well-nigh how it all works, Sort Your Photos runs training workshops to bring you fully up to speed!

The right foundations for good photo back-up

When it comes to managing photos, it’s strongly recommended to create a digital photo hub – a inside location to store all your photos in full-size resolution. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, expressly when many newer computers usually come with small storage topics SSDs (solid state nonflexible drives).

There are two reasons why it’s so important to have a digital photo hub with all your phone photos in full original size. Firstly, having them all hands wieldy in one place makes it seamless to wangle and enjoy them. Secondly, it makes it much easier to get a robust replacement to protect all those precious memories.

So, what is needed? We recommend a computer with a large unbearable nonflexible momentum to store all your photos. Do a quick inspect to get an idea of how much space is needed and how much space your computer has. Usually, a 1TB or 2TB nonflexible momentum is perfect.

Not unbearable space?

Don’t be tempted to move photos to external disks – this gets very messy when trying to wangle them and when them up, and it moreover limits the worthiness to enjoy them. Likewise, we teach versus offloading them to the deject or “optimising” their size on the computer nonflexible momentum as getting a secure replacement is very difficult when they’re only in the cloud.

The weightier option is to invest in technology to ensure you have the right foundations in place to create a seamless photo management workflow. You could upgrade the nonflexible momentum of your existing computer (Tekkie Help can do this for you) or buy a new or a refurbished computer. There are other solutions to overcome lack of storage space too. However, the overall workflow will not be so seamless when it comes to taking photos, accessing them and valuables them up.

phone photo when up digital photo hub

Don’t cut corners!

While it can be tempting to save mazuma and work with old or inadequate technology, or buy a computer with lower specs, we encourage people to invest in their tech. Phone photos are precious things – irreplaceable, in fact. So it’s important to lay the right foundations to create a seamless photo management strategy.

At Sort Your Photos, we know exactly how to set everything up to ensure a seamless photo management strategy. That ways all your images in one place, sorted and organised, self-ruling from scramble and duplicates, and most importantly safely backed up. Then the fun begins and you can finally start to enjoy the memories!

Get in touch at 8113 8682 or email support@tekkiehelp.com.
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