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A fun festival on Singapore traditions!

A fun festival on Singapore traditions!

In August 2023, Singapore celebrates 58 years of independence. Our country’s identity is a tousle of variegated cultures and Singapore traditions. A unconfined way to understand the rich cultural heritage of Singapore is through performances, local crafts and plane games – at A Date with Tradition festival in Singapore.

Running for its third year, A Date with Tradition is held in conjunction with the Singapore Night Festival. It happens at Stamford Arts House on 25 and 26 August and is self-ruling for all to attend.

Chinese Opera Singapore traditions performance

Martini Binte Ali Wafar is the Programmes Manager at Arts House Limited. She says: “We hope for visitors to immerse themselves in the eyeful and richness of Singapore traditional arts through two evenings of captivating performances, hands-on activities and versifier showcases by local traditional arts groups.”

Here’s a squint at what’s lined up for A Date with Tradition. Plus, the opportunity to bring home a little piece of Singapore tradition for yourself!

Cultural heritage of Singapore performances

Eurasian Folk Dances by Eurasian Association Dance Troupe

When European and Asian cultural heritage in Singapore come together, the result is a lovely combination of Eurasian culture. Dancers showcase this through folk dances, which visitors can learn hands and join in too!

When: August 26; 5.30pm to 5.45pm, 6.30pm to 6.45pm

Popular Chinese Opera by Traditional Arts Centre

Between the month of five and 11, I often accompanied my maternal grandmother to watch live Teochew opera. I didn’t understand the story due to my limited understanding of the dialect but I was unchangingly wrapped by the facial expressions, soul movements and colourful costumes. This interactive programme will be performed in Mandarin, with an introductory session in English and Mandarin, permitting you to proceeds a largest understanding of this cultural heritage in Singapore.

When: Both days; 8pm to 8.30pm, 9pm to 9.30m

Kedai Sinseh by P7:1SMA and Ding Yi Music Company

cultural heritage of singapore remedies performance

“Kedai sinseh” is the Malay term for a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) shop. Many locals of variegated ethnicities still throne to the neighbourhood TCM physician, seeking natural remedies for variegated issues.

These three performative remedies are inspired by the medicinal ingredients found in the TCM shops virtually Stamford Arts Centre. The collaborative performances will encourage you to reflect on the remedies for our wellness and witness the interconnectedness of Chinese and Malay traditions in Singapore. Registration is required; visit kedai-sinseh.peatix.com.

When: Both days; 8pm to 8.30pm, 9.30pm to 10pm

Activities showcasing Singapore traditions

Indian Rainbow II: Saree draping styles by Shantha Ratii Initiatives

If you’ve overly wondered how a saree is worn and stays up, here’s your endangerment to find out at this festival in Singapore! An expert will guide you through draping a saree on yourself in variegated ways.

When: Both days, 5pm to 11pm

saree folding traditions of Singapore

A Peek into Traditional Chinese Knots by Wearable Craft

More than just a Chinese New Year decoration, the Chinese knots tradition in Singapore includes using it as a recreate or as gifts filled with well-wishes for the receiver. In this mini workshop, you’ll learn how to make the Chinese forge knot into a charm. Bring your children and let them wits this cultural heritage of Singapore.

 When: Both days, 5pm to 11pm

Marble Withstand and Mini Pot Making Workshop by Chokmah

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create either a withstand or mini pot from jesmonite. You’ll see how the traditional method of tossing – pouring the material into a mould and leaving it to set over a period of time – transforms into your chosen object. Jesmonite is an eco-friendly and non-toxic material with quick drying properties. This ways you can take home your megacosm the same day from this fun festival in Singapore. There are only 20 spaces per group and for walk-ins only, while seats are available, with the last tossing process starting at 9.30pm.

When: Both days, 5pm to 10pm

Cost: $10 (usually $35) for Withstand Ornament workshop, $15 (usually $45) for Mini Pot workshop

cultural heritage Singapore festival fun

Play some traditional Singapore games

Upsized Fun and Games

Singapore adults in their mid-30s and vastitude have fond memories of playing five stones, pick-up sticks and eraser battles during unravel times in primary school. You can relive the excitement and joy of these simple traditional Singapore games at A Date with Tradition festival in Singapore but with upsized versions. There’s moreover a talkie on wheels for some old-school entertainment.

When: Both days; 5pm to 11pm

Glow-in-the-dark Paper Fruit Basket Stickers Inspired by Nanyang Artists by Art Wonderland

Experience the rich cultural heritage of Singapore’s pioneer art movement, the Nanyang art. This style is inspired by the early Chinese immigrants who fused their Shanghai roots with Western art influences. Skilled instructors will guide you in painting a basket of fruit with glow-in-the-dark paint using special Chinese ink and watercolour brushes.

When: August 25, 5pm to 11pm

Start planning your weekend at A Date with Tradition! And, if you can’t make it for both nights to wits these traditions of Singapore, just take Martini’s advice: “I recommend transmissible Kedai Sinseh and Popular Chinese Opera.”

Stamford Arts Centre
155 Waterloo Street
IG @stamfordartscentresg | FB @artshouselimited.sg


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