Cafédirect presents 3 coffee blends for Worldly Foodies!

Award-winning leading UK Fairtrade hot drinks company Cafédirect recently presented three artfully crafted premium-grade coffee blends – Smooth, Lively and Intense Roasts – in its new energising packaging. Each blend has a different taste profile that will please the Singapore palate, whatever the mood.

Every perfect, green bean that goes into the coffee blends has been sourced, tenderly cultivated by growers and specially formulated by Cafédirect’s own Q-graders (coffee experts) like Georgios Kokkalis, to express the full-bodied taste and specific inherent notes. Harvested under the ideal clime, the beans are sun-kissed before they are skilfully roasted and packed fresh for delivery worldwide.

Cafédirect works directly with all its farmer partners to grow their businesses and build a more sustainable supply chain. Commercial benefits that help improve the farmers’ livelihoods include better quality beans, more volume and a robust supply chain.  In supporting farmer-led projects, Cafédirect actively improves the farmers’ income and sustains the environment of the small farms.

In working directly with charity partner, Producers Direct, Cafédirect has impacted 600,000 farmers and their families since 2009. Producers Direct delivers services by farmers for farmers through a global network of farmer-led businesses called Centres of Excellence.  These Centres help producers build resilience to market forces through training, pooled knowledge, access to finance and data for better decision-making.

Cafédirect Smooth Roast (strength 3)

100% Arabica, this is a great blend of Central and South American coffee beans. It is an incredibly silky, smooth coffee with an inherent milk chocolate aroma.  With natural peanut, brown sugar and gingerbread flavours that are imparted from the strength 3-roasted ground beans, Cafédirect Smooth Roast as a brew can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Cafédirect Lively Roast (strength 4)

The perfect balance of body from the Arabica and strength from the Robusta coffee beans, Cafédirect Lively Roast is a skilful blend of Latin American and African beans. It bears a caramel pop-corn aroma with hints of tamarind-like and dried orange flavours, perfect for coffee lovers who enjoy a full-bodied brew that provides a creamy mouthfeel.

Cafédirect Intense Roast (strength 5)

When in the mood for a darker coffee, Cafédirect Intense Roast packs a bit of a punch. A superior blend of African and Latin American beans, it is an ideal balance of rich coffee flavours with a rounded toffee finish. Give it a whiff and catch its mint chocolate aroma. Strong and heavy bodied, this blend of Arabica and Robusta beans imparts natural flavours of liquorice and tobacco.

Coffee-Infused Recipes

To demonstrate the spectrum of taste profiles of the three blended roast and ground coffee, Cafédirect invited Chefs from Allspice Institute to re-create some of Singapore’s favourite home-style savoury and sweet recipes by infusing the various coffee blends into them:

Kopi Udang (savoury)

Chicken Lollipop with Coffee Sauce (savoury)

Coffee Religieuse (dessert)

Coffee Smoked Tandoori Chicken (savoury

Coffee Damier Cake (dessert)

Silent screamer (Drink)

The blends are available at Cold Storage, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, Jasons, Market Place and Redmart at S$8.70 per 227g pack.

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