Businesswoman? Exabytes offers a complimentary website/online store to 200 aspiring female entrepreneurs in Singapore and Malaysia; Register Here –

Exabytes launches Women Entrepreneurship with Exabytes in conjunction with International Women’s Day 2021. The initiative aims to highlight the capabilities of women and encourages entrepreneurship by providing a platform for women entrepreneurs in Malaysia and Singapore to turn their business ideas into reality.

Women Entrepreneurship with Exabytes offers 200 selected female entrepreneurs across Singapore and Malaysia a complimentary website or online store set-up. The total value of the sponsorship that Exabytes has committed to this initiative is SGD350,000 and RM350,000 respectively.

Women with an existing business registered in Singapore or Malaysia can apply through the Exabytes website.

Women Entrepreneurship with Exabytes provides a timely opportunity for women to turn their dreams of starting their online businesses into a reality.

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Exabytes has also partnered with Her Rise Above for this initiative. Her Rise Above is a local business essentials program that helps low-income women to start or grow their home business, with the aim of increasing their household income. The organisation will be referring 20 women to apply for the Women Entrepreneurship program.

Women Entrepreneurship will run throughout March 2021 and is open to any woman entrepreneur in Malaysia or Singapore who has a registered business in these markets.

The deadline to apply is by 31 March 2021.

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